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Weight Loss and Appetite Suppressant Qigong (Gingwa-Gong)

From a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective, the pathological changes in obesity are mainly spleen (earth) and kidney (water) dysfunctions within the 5 elemental theory. Sluggish flow of the body’s vital energy (Qi) and inhibited ability to refine body fluids results in turbid phlegm obstruction. Energy practice (Qigong) helps to regulate the internal vital energy […]

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Advanced Poster Training

Over the years, many people have asked me about the advanced poster training methods promoted by SPC-USA as formally taught by Sifu Jones. The essence of the method is based on a small book by Professor Lawrence Powers titled: Twelve Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize. Another book that uses a mirror gazing trance inducing technique […]

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Internal Organ Meditation

This is an Internal Qigong meditation to nourish vital organs with positive energy to help keep them charged so they can function smoothly. This Qigong meditation can be done daily or once a week. Once comfortable with the practice, it can be done quickly. Taking only 5 to 8 minutes. This is an important Qigong […]

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Intro to Internal Alchemy

Internal Alchemy Methods – 8 Part Video Series

Sifu Dan Ferrera has just released an 8 part video series on Internal Alchemy Methods! Over 1.5 hours of video content. Internal Alchemy These video lessons focus on the expedient learning of internal alchemy methods by emphasizing a physical tactile awareness approach prior to engaging in meditative practices. By following the eight lessons provided in […]

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cultivate chi

How To Cultivate Chi & Activate The Lower Dantien

One of the most common and basic questions we receive is how do you cultivate chi. Much of the answer lies in the lower dantien. In the following video Sifu Dan Ferrera discusses how one can cultivate chi through: Breathing Exercises like Katsumi Niikura’s Breathing Basic Four Standing Exercises like The Full Circle and our 30 day […]

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Figure 3. The negative emotions affect the body's organ systems.

Inner Smile and Six Healing Sound Practices

We will be adding a new section under FREE Chi Kung Info about the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sound Practices. As taught by Master Mantak Chia, Universal Tao Center, Thailand In the Taoist tradition, positive and negative emotions are associated with the internal organs. One of the keys to good health is to […]

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Empty Force

Empty Force – Ling Kong Jing | Sifu Dan Ferrera

One of our most popular courses for an advanced and dedicated student is Inner Power Empty Force. From our course description – Inner power is a natural ability that appears to be supernatural in its effects and results. It is like a powerful magnetic shield that will protect you from hostile threats. Understand here and now […]

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Ki Breathing

Katsumi Niikura’s Ki Breathing Basic Four – Standing

Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates the STANDING method of Katusmi Niikura’s Ki Breathing Basic Four which is primarily focused on teeth breathing. This is a very good method for accumulating and feeling chi. For more information go to

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Ki Breathing

Katsumi Niikura’s Ki Breathing Basic Four – Seated

Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates Katsumi Niikura’s Ki Breathing Basic Four in the SEATED position. For more information go to

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