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Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats, Guided Meditations, and Spotify

As our species evolves into higher forms of consciousness are there ways technology can enhance and even evolve this process? Some social media scientists have gone as far to say “ambient awareness” is evolving us into beings constantly connected with one another in social cultures and tribes through Facebook and Twitter. This is a macrocosmic […]

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Sri Yantra

Costa Rica Retreat – A Transformational Journey – Finding your Bliss

Leslie Blackburn, friend of Develop Your Energy is offering a retreat to Costa Rica. From Leslie- I wanted to  share an announcement with you about an upcoming (April 2012) retreat to Costa Rica that I am leading along with my Love, Dixon (of Dixon’s Violin) and in collaboration with Sacred Sites Journeys!  We are so […]

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Himm Kong Power Exercises

Himm Kong – The Power Exercises – New Course Added

As mentioned before we are adding more video courses to Develop Your Energy. Our first video course we’ve added is Himm Kong- The Power Exercises.

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Meditation Technique & Self-hypnosis Method

Begin by slowing your breathing and really getting into the emotional feelings of savoring and relaxing. Inhale slowly like smelling a flower or enjoying something delicious and mentally savoring the inhale breath with “Mmmmmmm” Exhale slowly with a sigh of relief “Ahhhhh” and really get into the feeling of soothing, comforting, relaxing and calming. This […]

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Synergistic Revitalizing Qigong – 4 exercises for Energy & Alertness

We have uploaded a new Youtube Video -Synergistic Revitalizing Qigong – 4 exercises for Energy & Alertness Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates 4 exercises to give you energy and alertness. The first is a Tibetan method known as turtle breathing with a kundalini style form of breathing. The second is a method of stimulating and rubbing […]

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Qigong DVD 1 hour

Sifu Dan Ferrera Qigong DVD Now Available Online!

We have a new announcement. A few days ago Sifu Dan Ferrera’s DVD became available on DevelopYourEnergy.net. The DVD, which is $50, we are making available for $20 as a streaming video file. And when it comes to video, we’ve been capturing a lot more video with Sifu Dan Ferrera. Stay tuned in the next […]

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flu shot

Colostrum Outperforms Flu Vaccine

According to a 2007 study¹, led by Dr. M. R. Cesarone, colostrum supplementation 900mg once per day in the morning was compared with anti-influenza vaccine in healthy subjects between the ages of thirty and eighty. Subjects were divided into four groups: those who received vaccination alone, vaccination plus colostrum, colostrum only, and those receiving no […]

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Chi ball

Empty Force Step by Step

We have added a new page in our Chi Kung Info – Empty Force Step by Step. This page exhibits how energy  can be used to move individuals. Also, on a news note, take a look at our page on Google +.

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Outer Body Experiences & Lucid Dreaming

Outer Body Experiences and Lucid Dreaming are one of the benefits/tools that can accompany a serious Qigong practice. Controlling and learning from one’s dreams can have effect on our waking life be it situations, others and even our health. As a great resource of Outer Body Experience material and how to control your dreams we […]

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