Advanced Poster Training

Over the years, many people have asked me about the advanced poster training methods promoted by SPC-USA as formally taught by Sifu Jones. The essence of the method is based on a small book by Professor Lawrence Powers titled: Twelve Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize. Another book that uses a mirror gazing trance inducing technique that is somewhat related is The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism by Theron Q Dumont. His method utilizes energy cultivation (Qigong, Chi Kung or Pranayama) with a gazing technique called the Direct Flash. Poster training via Professor Powers method is very similar.

The idea is to get the mind into a trance like state via gazing at hypnotic images, while mentally reciting specific empowering affirmations that strengthen ones will power and influence over others. The main hypnotic spiral is looks as follows:The 1st image is the main spiral provided in Professor Powers booklet. This image can be used alone or made into a grid ( 3 x 3 or 5 x 5 squares) to construct a larger poster board. Based on my own discovery, using colored papers (white, red, blue, green and yellow) in the format illustrated herein allows the practitioner the ability to stimulate all 7 chakras while training. In fact, if one gazes at this particular poster for 5-minutes or more and then closes their eyes, they will frequently see all 7 energy centers from the root to crown in ascending order in the minds eye. Especially if the trainee can create and feel the magnetic like energy between the poster and their body. These same methods are also used frequently by those who practice mezmerism.

Regardless, it is very useful for calming the mind and stimulating energy centers during Qigong 101 or Qigong 202 practice. Also works well with Standing Meditation and 3rd eye training.

Happy New Year and blessings for 2017.

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