Sifu Dan Ferrera Qigong Class 2009

Sifu Dan Ferreara has released a dvd video available for purchase on CreateSpace.

From Create Space-

This DVD takes you through a complete one hour internal energy workout that utilizes a unique “teeth breathing” method that rapidly develops inner power and empty force (ling kong jing). It is a synergistic blend of Wei Dan (external) and Nei Dan (internal) cultivation methods. Just pop it in the DVD player and begin following along as if you were attending the class. This workout was filmed live during class and gives you a very effective workout to practice at home. If you have less time available, simply do as much as you want and then skip to the closing exercise done at the end of class to store your energy. After purchase, send an email to to receive your free instruction manual & estoteric anatomy booklet. Both are Adobe reader pdf files.

Click here to go to Create Space.

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  1. Esly Caldwell LAc November 1, 2010 at 12:37 am #

    Sifu Dan’s QiGong class DVD is an awesome resource, I recommend it to all of my patients. Sifu Dan teaches one of the most original and innovative QiGong forms I have ever found. The combination of teeth breathing, movement, and tactile awareness allows one to quickly cultivate large quantities of balanced energy. If you want to take your QiGong practice to the next level, this DVD can be an essential asset.


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