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Learn about how the Shaolin masters develop mystical powers and abilities by training in Chi Kung.
Authentic Teachings of Shaolin Qigong Methods: The Complete Home Study Course.

If you are a martial artist and you want to learn how the ancient monks developed chi energy keep reading. If you are looking to increase power, ability to heal, and wield massive amounts of qi energy like the ancient shaolin monks this is the course you have been looking for. For centuries the secrets of internal martial arts have been guarded and usually only given in bits and pieces to keep the authentic power techniques hidden from those that would misuse them. Imagine the possibilities, what if you could have the same power as the Shaolin monks and sages of old.

For those that are not familiar with internal Kung Fu or Chi kung practice lets get you up to speed. As your read this material you will find yourself becoming more and more excited about the awesome potential in this course. Even though these courses contain so much information you will be surprised at how quickly and easily you will pick up these powerful concepts.

Qigong or “Internal Practice” was a highly guarded secret of ancient martial arts training. In China, there were essentially two primary traditions, Buddhist and Taoist. Popular belief and opinion tie the arrival of the great Indian sage Bodhidharma (The Buddha) to the Shaolin monastery at Hunan province and the Royal martial arts practice of vajramukti “Clasped Hand of the Thunderbolt.” In addition, he is credited with teaching the Shaolin monks two sets of exercises known as Yijin Ching (sinew-changing scripture) and Xisui Ching (bone-marrow-washing scripture). It was from these two sets of exercises that Shaolin Kung Fu was thought to be developed.

The purpose of this home study course is to combine the various methods of Qigong systems (Open, Closed, Static, Dynamic, Thinking, No Thinking) to provide you the greatest benefit in the shortest period of time without incurring negative side effects. Much research has been compiled from a variety of energy systems (Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Korean, Indonesian, Indian) to put this synergistic Qigong method together in addition to filling in information gaps that have occurred through the passage of time. This is the real deal, so we advise you to follow the instructions precisely. As with any exercise program you are advised to consult your physician prior to beginning.

In this course you will learn abilities that are fantasized about in comic books and science fiction movies. Lets put it like this, we have the secrets for becoming what some may consider to be a real Jedi. As a matter of fact, where do you think Lucas got this idea from?

Shaolin chi kung

In this course you will be given chi kung exercises that will help you master several skills. These exercises include:

  1. Daily Physical exercise for the Skin and Nerves: This exercise is important because it trains your nerve fibers as well as your entire central nervous system to handle progressively larger workloads or energy currents.
  2. 12 Postures & Exercises of the Yijin Ching Method Sinew Changing Scripture or Tendon Changing Classic: The “Sinew Changing Scripture” is a miraculous exercise system that dramatically increases physical strength (LI), opens energy channels, builds internal power and accumulates the chi; this is one of the exercise systems credited to the Buddha (Bodhidharma).
  3. Teaching the 3 basic phases of qigong: Which include accumulating, circulating, storing, and transmitting chi. This group of exercises will develop you into a powerful chi master that can use his or her chi for what ever purpose you want. Yes any purpose you want!
  4. Phase II of our Synergistic Qigong Method: These energy practices will promote vitality, enhance the functions of the respiratory system and circulatory system. The synergistic method also increase the power in the hands arms chest, highs, back and more.
  5. Understanding proper breathing: Proper Breath Rhythm- Accumulation of Chi or “vital life force energy” has always been associated with the act of deep diaphragm breathing by all of the ancient schools of initiation. The first thing to understand is that proper breath rhythm is something unique to each individual just like a fingerprint.
  6. Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan: This will allow you to accumulate outer chi or universal life force and also emit your own chi. These exercises will dramatically improve your health which can cause the effect of having diseases spontaneously enter remission. By continued practice and skill, you will be able to emit your Chi into others to examine and aid in their healing of illness or diseases. Reaching a Master’s level will fully awaken the Greater Kan & Li (Fire & Water) also known as Kundalini energy allowing you to explore your dormant primordial energy with all of its various paranormal or mystical capabilities (telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, and Psychic abilities)
  7. Stirring The Waters & Cleansing the Body: This technique is a 50% Dynamic Qigong exercise that has an incredibly powerful charging effect on the palms of the hands as well as the entire body.
  8. Yin Lying Down Meditation: This method will balance and keep your energy cool as well as develop your third eye, which is associated with Spiritual insight or psychic powers. Some of these powers include Out of Body experience and distant viewing abilities, mind to mind communication and astral-projection.
  9. Understanding Chi Cycles: We explain how the chi grows and how it affects you and your abilities based on the seasonal times of the year and the lunar cycle.
  10. Toaist Microscomic breathing: Which increase the flow and quality of the chi along with increasing the power of the chakras. This chi kung exercise will also increase your psychic powers.
  11. Body Breathing: This chi gong breathing teaches you how to increase the vitality of your organs and endocrine system as well as giving you the ability to aid in the healing of others as well.

And so much more………

Using Your Chi powers to hurt or heal others.

Why do most people get involved in chi practices? In our experience it is usually through martial arts training. They see the demonstration of the chi master pushing opponents through the air without touching them, or they have watched in awe how a master can knock an opponent unconscious from several feet or even yards away.

However there are others that get involve with these practices to heal from pain and disease. For thousands of years chi masters have been treating diseases such as cancers and healing the body of other problems as well. When you purchase this course, study and do the exercises you will be able to heal yourself and also aid in the healing of others for all sorts of problems in a very short time. The beauty of this shaolin qi gong training is this; the more you train the more powerful you become. It’s a cumulative practice that allows you to be more powerful with the chi at 80 or 90 than you are now. How do you think the founder of Aikido, Sensei Ueshiba was able to throw around 20 year olds like rag dolls when he was a feeble old man? When Ueshiba was in his 80’s, they had to physically carry him out to the floor. But once there, he would activate his chi and then no one in the dojo could defeat him. When he was finished, he would once again return to his seemingly helpless and fragile state and would be carried off the floor the same way he arrived. If you start training today with our synergistic Qigong, just think how powerful will you be when you reach an old age. You will actually develop a significant amount of chi skill early in the training, but we want to emphasize the fact that unlike muscles, which grow weaker with age, chi will continue to grow stronger and stronger throughout your entire life if you practice the art.

We also offer you a year mentoring program through email. The program will last one year for all students, but for those of you that are serious and practice diligently we try our best to offer assistance as often as they need it. This is very useful and we encourage all of our clients to take advantage of this mentoring opportunity. When you purchase this course, you receive a full QiQong system. With diligent practice and time you will be able to not only heal yourself and help others, but you will likely be capable of some amazing things including:

  • Increase your ability to manifest
  • Develop ESP, Clairvoyance, and telepathy.
  • Increase Health
  • Increase creativity and internal calm
  • Be able to push people or animals back with your chi from a distance.
  • Develop the ability to spontaneously heal yourself and assist others
  • The rest you will have to see and experience to believe…………

Pull the trigger on this one, make the choice to take your energy to the next level NOW!


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Piergiorgio (verified owner)

    This course really contains authentic teachings…it catches the spiritual component of shaolin practice. It is divided in three parts: exercises for accumulating qi, for balancing qi, and standing and lying down meditation. There is also a mode of standing meditation which includes taoist elements, with positive emotions, very nice.

  2. Rated 1 out of 5


    Master Wang is an excellent techear and passionate about Martial Arts. I encourage anyone who wants to learn traditional Kung Fu and Sanda to learn from him. He creates an ideal learning environment and pushes you to be the best that you can be. Definitely benefited greatly from my experience with him as my Master, and can not wait to go back.Mark

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