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A Very Rare and Highly Effective Method to Calm the Mind and Develop Tremendous Internal Energy This unique package includes training instructions for proper use. This rare Qigong system is both easy and enjoyable to do. Some of the benefits include:

  • Relieves stress
  • Rejuvenate the body and the spirit
  • Brings deep relaxation and inner calm
  • Encourages smooth and deep breathing
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Cultivates Tremendous Chi (internal energy)
  • Helps the practitioner build and store more Chi inside of his body
  • Promotes Chi and blood circulation
  • Improves Focus and mental Concentration
  • Gently Awakens the Kundalini & Opens the Micro Cosmic Orbit

First things first we do not sell the rulers on this site. We only sell the training courses for the rulers. However after you purchase this course you will be given a link to a site were you can get the tai chi ruler at a very cheap price. Again we do not sell the rulers on this site we only sell the training manuals.

You can look forward to really feeling the Chi and experiencing new dimensions of deep calm with the Tai Chi Ruler Qigong practice by ordering this rare and unique Chi development system online now!

lotus position with chakrasThe Tai Chi Ruler practice is a very rare system of Taoist Yoga, or Chi Kung utilizing a specially designed wooden dowel or ruler that was derived from the shape of the ancient Chinese sword handle. The Tai Chi Ruler is an exercise done in continuous repetition with deep, slow breathing with the ruler held between the palms on the Lao Gong point. Each exercise cooridinates breath, mental and visual concentration with a basic tai chi movements and physical pattern that shifts the body’s weight between both legs. The method is based entirely on natural principles, Tai Chi Ruler imparts both holistic fitness and integral strength training and is a complete system of Taoist style Yoga – just as Hatha, Kundalini, Raja and Shakti are complete systems – that integrates mind and body to purify the human spirit. Tai Chi ruler practice imparts holistic fitness, integral strength, and substantial Chi accumulation and circulation into a single practice and is an excellent foundation for Tai Chi Chuan, Bahuazhang, Xing Yi Chuan, or any martial art, meditation or health & fitness practice. The Tai Chi Ruler aligns, stimulates and empowers the 7 major energy reservoirs, Chakras or dan tiens”,and energy pathways or meridians of the body.

The method is an extremely rich system of training the mind and body. The founder of the ruler system was Chen Tuan (871-989 A.D.) a famous Taoist hermit who lived on Huashan mountain and mastered the three unique Taoist skills: meditation, martial arts, medicine, energy healing and qigong (energy cultivation). From master Chen Tuan, the Tai Chi Ruler skills were selectively passed down ONLY through oral tradition to other masters for generations to protect its secrecy, written notes were not allowed.
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Why is the Tai Chi Ruler Qigong a Unique and Rare Method of Chi Cultivation?

The Tai Chi Ruler is a unique method of cultivating the internal energy because it uses an external object to aid in your development. Originally, this training method was kept very secretive and passed on to only a select few. This practice is quite rare today because people are not aware of this particular cultivation method, even though it provides the necessary foundation for advancing to higher levels in qi gong. The Tai Chi Ruler Qigong is both simple and highly effective. It is easy to learn and apply right away.

What is the Taoist Origin of Tai Chi Ruler Qigong also known as Guiding Chi Needle?

The method is an extremely rich system of training the mind and body. The founder of the ruler system was Chen Tuan (871-989 A.D.) a famous Taoist hermit who lived on Huashan mountain and mastered the three unique Taoist skills: martial arts, meditation, medicine, energy healing and qigong (energy cultivation). From master Chen Tuan, the Tai Chi Ruler skills were selectively passed down to other masters for generations. Many consider it to be the ultimate tool in Orbital Qigong practice for a gentle Kundalini awakening, which is known as the Greater Kan and Li in China.

The fame of Huashan derives from its natural beauty, which takes the form of huge granite peaks towering over the plains of the Shanxi province. Throughout its many peaks and valleys are Taoist monasteries. During the Song Dynasty, the fate of Huashan was determined over a game of chess between Chen Tuan and Emperor Zhao Kuang Yi. Emperor Zhao wanted to use Huashan for a military garrison. Chen wanted Huashan to remain as a sacred mountain. Although the Emperor was famous for his expertise at chess, Chen was skilled in the art of divination, i.e. he was psychic so he predicted the Emperor’s every move. The Taoist sage won the game and the Emperor kept his word and left Huashan alone. The Chess Game Pavilion is a monument to the contest and still stands today on top of the central peak of Huashan.

How to Feel the Chi Flow

The Tai Chi Ruler practice involves a series of circular movements with the ruler held between the hands as the body weight shifts from foot to foot. This directs and balances the flow of Chi or internal energy of the body. This unique practice in turn allows us to realize our special Inborn Physical Endowment, the primordial kundalini energy, which we all possess at birth but lies dormant at the base of the spine.

The Wood Ruler is yin in nature, working on the internal system through circular patterns. Training with the Ruler is a form of qigong used to nourish and strengthen the body’s Chi (internal energy). Many masters have said: Chi comes very quickly with the Ruler practice”, meaning that the practitioner feels the Chi quite easily when holding the Ruler in both palms.

What is the Antidote to the Busy Mind?

Most people who practice qigong or meditation exercises will tell you that calming the mind is not an easy task. Much chatter passes through the mind, especially when you really want it to be quiet. The Ruler Qigong system is the antidote to the untamed mind. The Ruler serves to connect the mind, body and Chi. Holding the Ruler in both palms naturally brings your attention to the Ruler itself. The movements are very easy to do, gentle, soothing and relaxing, generating continuous circular rhythms within the body. Different movements stimulate the energy in different organs of the body, guiding the Chi in specific directions. With the sensation and awareness of Chi, your attention will be further drawn into the energetic pathways as well as the practice itself. You will find your mind naturally quiet and calm, fully absorbed in the sensation of the training. You will experience deep relaxation by being fully present in the current moment and you will feel very refreshed and vitalized after the practice.

How to Practice to Suit Your Lifestyle

Ruler training is flexible, in the sense that you can practice the movements for as little as a few minutes or much longer if you prefer. Consistency in your ruler training is the most important element as Qigong is a cumulative practice. The ruler training method is a complete Taoist Yoga or Qigong and gives you a good energetic grounding, which enables you to reach much higher levels in qigong. In fact, it is a complete system in and of itself. It is a synthesis of all the ingredients, which are necessary for Chi development at higher levels. And, of course, with the smooth circulation of blood flow and enhanced Chi accumulation within, good health can be quite literally in the palms of your hands! When do you think it would be a good time to begin this unique and rare practice?

$20.00 u.s

Other websites will sell you a chi stick or tai chi rulers for a whole lot more. But We are not trying to make a lot of money off our visitors.We will constantly give you the best in Chi gong practices because we believe that we should help all that are trying to climb this mountain to enlightenment. SO WE provide you with the course and them we give you the link so that you can purchase the tai chi ruler from another site that offers them for super cheap. These are quality Chi sticks or tai chi rulers for the best prices on the internet.
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