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Open Your Third Eye in as Little as 30-days!

Why You ABSOLUTELY MUST Have This Course Today!
No Prior Experience Needed.
It will work regardless of your prior background.

  • Minimal Time Commitment! Just 15 to 30 minutes each day for the main exercise. There are many other technique secrets revealed, but if you just do the main practice, your 3rd eye will open. Once your eye is opened you’ll have plenty of extra exercises to play with. This Course is filled with the real meat and potatoes, not unwanted side dishes.
  • Discover There Is Infinitely Much MORE To YOU.
  • Begin to Access Your Latent Inner Powers.
  • Develop Enhanced Memory Often Photographic
  • Dramatically Improve your ability to visualize anything. Enhance Your Creativity!
  • Experience Many Mystical Phenomenon For Yourself First Hand. (Lucid Dreams, Astral Travel, ESP, Intuition, Déjà vu, Remote View, Out of Body Experience)
  • Learn How To Go Way Beyond The Ordinary Everyday Into The Extraordinary.
  • Access The Higher Dimensions of Your Limitless Awareness or Higher-Self Easily!
  • Discover Many Things That Once Seemed Hidden In Nature & Life Around You.
  • Have More Energy, Vitality, Happiness & Compassion.
  • Reduce Stress Levels and Achieve a Much Calmer State of Being.
  • Become More Attuned With Those Around You Including Plants and Animals.
  • See Auras and Other Energy Patterns, Especially as People Interact.
  • Achieve Greater WELL BEING Mentally, Physically and Spiritually!
  • Bring Greater Sense of Meaning & Purpose to You Life.
  • The Only Way to Fail is Laziness. Real Work, Simply Works!

In This One Simple Course You Will Have Everything Needed To Open Up Your Third Eye! Nothing is Held Back! Everything is laid out for you in a Simple Easy for Follow Format.

What is required & Expected Of You?

Chi Third EyeYou are required to:

Dedicate at least 15 to 30 minutes each day to practice the primary 3rd eye Yantra exercise, for the first month 14-28 days. The Best Day to Begin is the New Moon, but you can start at anytime. The transition from New Moon to Full Moon symbolically links to your intention to open the 3rd eye. The main exercise takes about 15-minutes to do and fastest results are achieved if done twice per day.

Refrain from the taking any hallucinogens or psychotropic drugs. These will hinder the process associated with opening up this awareness organ, and could potentially disturb your mental well being. You should also limit or restrict depressants such as Alcohol and/or Stimulants such as caffeine for the first month of practice.

Keep these methods to yourself. Treat it as sacred and do not share it with others. Guard and protect it as if it were your child or a loved family member. Others can buy it here if we keep this unique product available.

Do not abuse others or take advantage of them in any way as a result of you opening up your higher resources of awareness. Always be mindful of Karma.

Do not practice any of the exercises during times of emotional unrest, mental disturbance or negativity. This disturbed state may make it difficult to relax and/or can potentially result in unpleasant visions.

This Method Flat Out Works!

Many of you will experience truly mystical & psychic phenomenon within just a few weeks. Some of you may experience sudden or rapid insights and/or have heightened awareness or internal knowledge about things you could not normally be aware of. The only sure way to fail is to ignore the value of your exercise program. Just do 15-minutes each and every day, and you will succeed.

This Is A Truly Unique & Phenomenal Method To Open Up The Third Eye!

  • You Get The 65-page Course Revealing Everything Needed, Nothing Held Back Whatsoever! All information is Concise and to the point. You Literally Get The Acquired Knowledge of Years of Training In One Easy to use course.
  • Two Special audio Files that transmit energy to help you open the Third Eye. Included FREE..
  • Special Harmonic Frequencies to Listen to while performing the primary gazing exercise. IncludedFREE.
  • Binaural Audio to Help Remote View and Astral Project. FREE.
  • Energy Empowerment From Sifu Dan Ferrera to assist in opening the 3rd Eye. Via email request.
  • These 5 FREE Bonuses alone are worth more than the cost of the course!

Well Over a $100 Worth of Truly Great Stuff.

Third Eye DevelopmentThis Will Work For You Too Because:

Real Work produces results. Work is something you do, not something you believe in. Success is dependent on correct practice and has nothing to do with changing one’s culture or religion.”—Lama Lar Short

Given the correct tools and 3rd eye practices (our part) and a solid dedicated commitment (your part), success is all but assured. This unique method has worked on nearly everyone who has tried and applied it as directed. Those having difficulty are heavy smokers, excessive drinkers and caffeine addicts, but they too are experiencing progress nonetheless.

This Never Before Offered…Simple yet concise guide takes you through every practical aspect of opening your third eye without fear or danger! This is a safe reliable method proven to tap others into the universal mind typically reserved to mystics, seers, prophets, shamans and sages!

Today is your grand opportunity to create deeper intimacy and an everlasting connection with your universal mind! This powerful life shifting course will rekindle that fire in your belly and bring you to a new passion for life than you never imagined was possible. It will bring out that enlightened loving compassionate being that is hidden within you, buried by all your fears, wants, ego, sense of separation, anger, sorrow!

Order Today! Supplies may be strictly limited going forward. A few bad apples may spoil the pot for others, so don’t order if you cannot perform as outlined.

Act Now! We may take this off the table.

2 reviews for Open Your Third Eye – Anja Chakra

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Subliminal Zipper (verified owner)

    The first time i listend to the 3rd eye frequency meditation i felt pressure on my third eye which is a good thing but the 2nd day was really amazing because i saw many clear visions and alot of white light it was amazing i cant wait to complete this course and open my 3rd eye because i know this will work i first purchased the qi gong 101 course and did 4 days that sadly drifted back to my old addictive habbit but ive started it again 2/3months later after purchasing the 3rd eye course and i can feel the strong energy now in my palms so i will now purchase the 5 elements and 9 esoteric seals p.s the bonuses with the qi gong `101 course are amazing i had a bad flu.cough and followed the instructions to create healing water i did and added my own healing colours i drank the water and i was better after the 1st sip it was a miracle thanks for these amazing courses.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chandra (verified owner)

    By practicing this method will I be able to see and Auras and energy field around the people.

    To see and read how long will it take to develop this skill.

    Thank You

    • admin

      Yes. Depends on how much and how long you practice for. A steady practice can manifest your third eye in weeks.

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