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Ma RollerMa-Qigong is a circular style of Qigong training that utilizes a specially designed wooden stick for cultivation exercise and also physical stimulation of the Yu meridian channel and feet. The stick can be later used as a healing tool, manifesting tool or power item. The Ma-Stick will actually accumulate energy over time with consistent practice and use. Many Taoist masters would often walk with wooden canes even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with their legs. The reason was that the cane was both a weapon as well as a power item that they energized with life force or chi. The sticks we use in our training were invented in the early 1970’s by a Chinese acupuncturist who practiced Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi. This master defected from China and moved to Sussex England where he invented the Ma Roller. The name “Ma” represents the universal sounds of savoring “Mmmmm” and relaxing “Ahhhh.” The original Ma’s came inside a tube with Chinese characters decorating the outside. The Sticks were wrapped in silk and had a charred brand “Ma roller” burnt into the bottom end of the stick.

Whether or not this unnamed master invented the Ma or simply re-created it after he left China is unclear. Certainly older versions of a very similar training stick have been seen, such as the one pictured to the right.

Ma Roller HeadPlease Note: We Don’t Sell Ma Rollers or Sticks, we only provide the training information. If you are interested in the course, you will need to invest extra funds to obtain a Ma. Most sticks are priced between $25 and $50 dollars.

The cultivation exercises within this unique manual are a blend of Qigong techniques that were obtained from Ki Master Katsumi Niikura, Master Wong Kit Kiew as well as some of Sifu Ferrera’s own innovations. The use of sticks or wooden objects in Qigong (Chi Kung) have a long and rich history. From Tai Chi Rulers, to Bang Sticks, wands, canes, staffs and other items of power, the utilization of wood to store excess chi goes back thousands of years. Now, you too can benefit from this ancient practice as well. Once energized, you can use your stick in a variety of unique ways.

Wide Variety of benefits from Ma-Roller Qigong have been reported:

  • Much Higher energy levels
  • Greater Inspiration and creativity
  • Intuition & Precognition
  • Increased positive attitude in people and surrounding environment
  • Enhanced spiritual consciousness and evolution
  • Deeper insights and understanding
  • Feeling of a deeper connection with all of life
  • Harmony, balance and a calming sensation
  • Manifestation of goals and objectives
  • Increased energetic sensitivity
  • Lucid Dreaming, Astral projection, Deeper Meditative states
  1. The Ma-sticks are used to accumulate energy while you practice Qigong.
  2. The Ma-Sticks are used to practice a specific set of Qigong exercises that both energize the wood and also entrain a circular flow pattern into the item.
  3. The Ma-Sticks are used to physically stimulate the feet and Yu meridian points.
  4. The Ma-Sticks are used as a power item to enhance healing, prayer, manifesting or other magical acts.
  5. The Ma-Qigong set includes 3 circular energetic exercises and a 7-Step Qigong set that energizes your entire body while also charging up the stick.

Performing all of the Ma-Qigong exercises outlined in this course of instruction is a complete Qigong system in and of itself. The Ma-Qigong is a unique method of cultivating internal energy because it uses an external object to enhance your cultivation development and to stimulate energetic channels within your body, which is accomplished both physically and energetically! This type of cultivation practice is quite rare nowadays because people are no longer aware of this particular training method, even though it provides a strong foundation in Qigong.

Physically, the MA Roller may be used every day, but it is specially indicated whenever there is tension or whenever the energy is feeling low. It may be used to improve circulation, give better sleep, or help medications. Try to use it in any problem area: body or mind.

When not to use the MA Roller

The MA Roller should not be used when there is spinal injury, or even suspicion of it. The MA Roller should not be used during pregnancy. The MA Roller should not be used for longer than a few seconds on the head and neck by lying on it, because the head and neck are delicate structures. One should not fall asleep on the MA Roller.

Please Note: We Don’t Sell Ma Rollers or Sticks, we only provide the training information. If you are interested in the course, you will need to invest extra funds to obtain a Ma. Most sticks are priced between $25 and $50 dollars.

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