The Full Circle

The Chi Full Circle

Cycle Runs Counter Clockwise Starting at The Top Position

Hold each posture for at least 5-minutes before moving to the next position. Start and finish in position #1

Before moving on to the Full Circle routine, you should be able to hold each position individually for 20-minutes. You should start from position #1 and work on adding a minute each day, until you can remain in the position comfortably for a full 20-minutes. When this has been achieved, start working on position 2 and so on, until you can do each one for a full 20-minutes. Always start your workouts with at least 2 or 3 minutes in the Wu Chi (poison # 1) regardless of which posture you are working on.

Chi Anatomy

Position 1
“standing in the void, ‘Wu Chi'”

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes facing forward. Let your arms rest naturally, dropping your shoulders and elbows. Relax your hips and tummy; tuck your bottom in, with your knees slightly bent.

Position 2
“Holding The Ball or Hugging the Tree”

Stand as the first position raising your arms slowly as if holding a large beach ball. The arms should remain relaxed and held at shoulder height.

Position 3
“Holding The Ball in front of the Face, or Pressing the Ball”

Raise your hands in front of your face as if holding a large beach ball.
Palms facing outwards sink down slightly; remember to relax your arms and shoulders.

Position 4
“Standing in The Stream”

Lower your arms slowly, imagine that you are standing in a stream, up to your waist, letting the water run through your fingers.


Imagine you are holding down two large beach balls under your hands.
The stance is the same as the previous two positions.

Position 5
“Holding The Ball at The Belly”

Bring your hands around the front of your body, imagine you are holding a huge belly or holding a large beach ball to your body.


Return to position 1 “Standing in the Void” for several minutes and relax.