Magnetism – The Body’s Second Nutrient

In the previous section, we discussed how the electrically charged air we breathe is our first nutrient. Our second nutrient, which is closely related to electricity, is magnetism. Remember, that we are all bio-electromagnetic entities and that there is also another less familiar name for electrical energy, which is “electromagnetic energy” or “electromagnetic vibrations.” Basically, electrical energy is a combination of two things: magnetic fields and electrostatic fields. Wires can guide electrical energy, but it can also travel through space without any wires whatsoever. For example, if we wave a bar magnet near a coil of wire, electrical energy produced by simply moving the magnet will leap into the coil even though the magnet never touched the coil. This is fundamentally the same process used by electric generators. They simply rotate magnets around copper coils and the moving magnets produce electrical energy, which leaps into the coils. In fact, it’s the same principle utilized in Sifu’s Magnetic Chinese Therapy Balls (or Magnetic Baoding Balls). Science also recognizes this close relationship between electricity and magnetism. As far back as 1820, Hans Oersted of Denmark discovered a direct relationship between electricity and magnetism by showing that an electric current flowing in a wire caused a nearby compass needle to be deflected. Following the discoveries of Oersted, Ampere, an 18th century physicist whose notable achievements were germinal to the harnessing of electrical energy, discovered a quantitative relationship between the strength of an electric current with the magnetic field it creates (Ampere’s theorem). Noting the close relationship between electricity and magnetism, he described magnetism as “electricity thrown into curves”.

Magnetic energy is a structuring force of the entire universe. As such, it is a reflection of the order that causes the infinite galaxies, stars and planets throughout the known universe to revolve and spin at incredible velocities while remaining in their respective orbits. As one of the fundamental forces of nature, electromagnetism is in concept equivalent in definition to the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of ‘Chi’, or the East Indian Ayurvedic definition of ‘Prana’. These concepts are what many in the West, regard as the ‘life force’ or “life essence”.

Magnetic EnergyOne can tangibly understand that the Scientific South pole side of a magnet was equivalent in energy to the definition in of Yin Chi, or in Ayurveda of Shakti energy. The North facing side was equivalent to Yang Chi, or Ayurvedic Shiva energy. The South pole of the magnet is cooling, sedating and dispersing, which corresponds to the Traditional Chinese medicine definition of Yin or negative polarity. The North polarity is heating, stimulating and accumulating, which corresponds to the Traditional Chinese medicine definition of Yang or positive polarity. Now consider that every atom generates an electromagnetic field, we humans, along with all of nature, are imbued with the power of electromagnetism. It is also possible for us to channel our innate positive electromagnetic energy for healing both ourselves and others. There are of course some doctors and medical experts that discredit the idea of bioelectricity and electromagnetic energy. The interesting contradiction to their opinion is that modern medicine has come to depend upon many high tech diagnostic procedures such as the (ECG) electrocardiogram, the (EEG) electroencephalogram, the (EMG) electromyogram, which measure the electrical activity in the heart, the cerebral cortex and the skeletal muscles respectively. If there were no electrical energy in the body, such tests would not be possible. Also consider the fact that you are not “brain dead” until there is no electrical activity being measured in your head.

Currently, the Earth’s magnetic field strength is about a ½ Gauss. While seemingly small, the magnetic field strength of gauss as a measurement is in proportion to the total mass of the magnet. With that, a ½ Gauss strength in proportion to the enormous size of the Earth becomes very significant. As a matter of fact, it is absolutely essential to life. The large neodymium 2-inch diameter disc magnets that you will be using, which are available through are nearly 12,000 Gauss each! Part of the Earth’s magnetic field is created by the ‘ionosphere’– a layer of air containing electrically charged particles that extend from sixty to a hundred miles above the Earth’s surface. Extending some thousands of miles into space is the ‘magnetosphere’, also known as the Van Allen Radiation Belt. The magnetosphere is a huge swarm of radioactive particles that are threatening to life. If it were not for the fact that the harmful radiation particles are trapped by the Earth’s magnetic field, life on Earth would not be possible.

Interestingly, the half Gauss strength of the Earth also seems to be in a state of cyclic change so that over time, the Earth’s magnetic poles have repeatedly shifted and changed their location. Current scientific research estimates that these reversals occur approximately every half to one million years. The most recent reversal occurred about 700,000 years ago. It has been documented that the Earth’s magnetic field has diminished about 50% of what it was 500-1000 years ago, with a full 5% decline recorded in the last 100 years. Can you appreciate the vital importance of geomagnetic energy to life? Doctors Barnwell and Brown of the Department of Biological Sciences, North Western University, USA, conducted a great number of experiments exposing magnetic fields upon a variety of living organisms and reported that, “There remains no reasonable doubt that all living organisms are extraordinarily sensitive to magnetic fields.” The effect of magnetic fields on living organisms continues in the United States and throughout the world but some of the most important medical research is that which is being conducted by the Japanese. If all living organisms are “extraordinarily sensitive” to magnetic fields, don’t you think that a 50% decline in the Gauss strength of the Earth’s magnetic field is significant to all life? Now, consider that chemicals change in molecular weight when they are exposed to magnetic fields. Also consider that when water is exposed to strong magnetic fields, more of the beneficial negatively charged hydroxyl (OH-) ions are generated to form calcium bicarbonate and other alkaline particles. Normal water typically has a pH level of around 7, which is neutral, while magnetized water can reach an alkaline pH of 9.2 after being exposed to a 7000 Gauss strength magnet. When pH levels drop below 7, the water or substance is acidic. Alkaline pH levels have been shown to be strong enough to destroy cancer cells (see Barefoot and Reich) because cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Now, let’s shed some additional light on this topic. Consider the fact that our physical bodies are over 70% water and our blood is 90% water and this water is absolutely filled with electro-conductive metals such as sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium, etc. We believe that this is exactly how bioelectricity is conducted throughout our physical bodies. Magnetic fields have been scientifically shown to rearrange hydrogen bonds. Therefore, this same phenomenon allows the body’s liquid to dissolve and break down electro-conductive minerals in the blood, allowing them to conduct ions and/or “Chi” throughout the energy pathways of the entire body. Numerous rigid, scientific studies have been done both here and in Japan and China documenting the electromagnetic energy and infrared radiations emanating from Chi Gong practitioners. The benefits of Chi Gong practice are very real. As we explained earlier with the electric wire influencing the compass needle, pure science states that wherever you have an electrical field, you also have a magnetic field and vice versa, thus magnetism is our second nutrient. Current scientific research documents the following specific physiological effects of biomagnetic therapy:

  • It effects increasing blood and oxygen circulation along with the nutrient carrying potential of the blood.
  • It is able to positively effect pH balance (acid-alkaline) towards alkaline, which is often acidic and imbalanced in disease tissues.
  • It positively speeds up the migration of calcium ions to facilitate the healing of nervous tissue and bones (usually at least in half the time). Because of this it can also help remove the pathological buildup of calcium associated with arthritic joints.
  • It can powerfully influence the production of certain hormones from the various endocrine glands.
  • It stimulates and fosters enzyme activity and other related physiological processes. If you consider that all functions of the body are essentially bioelectric and biomagnetic, you can understand how each body cell down to the DNA level has a positive and negative biomagnetic field and that cell division, itself, is fundamentally a magnetic process that occurs throughout the various tissues and organs of the body. Physiological biochemistry that utilizes the various amino acids requires both bioelectric and biomagnetic energy to occur.

Now, if magnetic fields can produce such a beneficial effect on water by rearranging the hydrogen bonds and making the ionic minerals more energy conductive, doesn’t it also make sense that our physical bodies and blood, which are 70% and 90% water respectively, would benefit from exposure to these same exact magnetic fields? Wouldn’t this exposure logically supercharge our bodily fluids to the same degree as it did in the water? We believe that the answer is a resounding “YES”! The use of magnets in Traditional Chinese medicine goes back over 2000 years to the “Chinese Yellow Emperor’s book of internal medicine”, which is believed to be one of the oldest medical texts know. It clearly states how magnetic stones were used to correct Chi imbalances.

Standing on the “Yin Chi” (Scientific South Pole) exposure of powerful magnets while practicing Chi Gung is analogous to bodybuilders taking steroids to build superhuman muscle mass through weight training except with the magnets, there are only positive health benefits. Practicing traditional Chi Gung standing meditation (Zhang Zhuang) postures and routines, while standing on top of the YIN (Scientific South Pole) side of two powerful neodymium magnets can quickly double or quadruple your Chi power almost instantly! We believe from physical experience that these magnets literally charge the ionic minerals within your blood stream up from the soles of your feet. It then pushes this bioelectric current up your legs, supercharging all of the Chi meridians, reflex points and bone marrow. In fact, in just a few minutes your circulatory system will have moved this energized blood throughout your entire body. Since these points on the soles of your feet are also part of the body’s main meridian pathway, the entire energy map of your body is dynamically changed. Practicing standing meditations facing the sun (Yang energy) during rise and set induces an extremely powerful effect. In the morning, face East while using the Yin side of the magnets and in the evening, face West and you will begin to internalize Chi energy to such a great extent, that you will soon become a spiritual dynamo!

Make sure to clearly mark the north & south poles of your magnets for proper use.

Scientific North = YANG  Scientific South = YIN

When you order magnets, request to have the north pole marked for identification.

NOTE: There is a difference between “scientific north” and what magnet therapy calls north. See the biomagnetic research of Davis & Rawls:  (this will give you a good background on this subject) Basically scientific north is the side that points to the Earth’s north pole, that is to say it points north when suspended from a string, just like a compass needle. This is how all magnets are marked for polarity. However, since magnets are only attracted to their opposite pole, then either the Earth’s north pole is + or the magnet is, but not both as this would cause repelling instead of attraction. Based upon personal research and experimentation, we agree with the findings Davis & Rawls. Personally, we have obtained great results from this definition of “polarity.” Scientific North is Yang and Scientific South is Yin.

Magnet Therapy magnets used for healing are backwards and what they call north is “scientific south” and their south pole is “scientific north”. You can test this easily with a magnet that has the poles marked and just feel where it repels since only opposites poles attract and likes resist.

Magnetic Mattress

Magnetic MattressA quick word of caution regarding magnetic mattress pads. Although they often work well in the short term for alleviating pain or discomfort, one should be aware that the body’s magnetic field actually changes dynamically throughout the night. Sleeping on a magnetic mattress interferes with this natural process and is not recommended for long-term use.

2-inch disc magnets (item # D1202)