How to Utilize Chi Magnets

The best Qigong (Chi Kung) exercise for magnets is standing meditation or Zhang Zhuang Qigong. Personal favorite is Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qigong. For the first 3-months, you should use only the YIN side of the magnets under your feet. After a while, the stimulating effect of the magnets will reduce a bit as your body becomes accustomed to the amount of energy. In other words, you just get used to it feeling the same way over and over. One way to re-enhance the effectiveness is to take short breaks (3-days or so) from using the magnets once you reach this point. Another very effective method is to use the YIN side for the majority of your training, but during full moons (3-days prior and up to 3-days after, total 7-days) use the YANG side for the week. This approach has always generated strong results! Then take a few days off from using them and then reintroduce them after 3 or 4 days.

Empty ForceTwo seemingly paranormal abilities that result from the regular practice of certain Qigong’s are 1) Deterrent Force and 2) Empty Force. Deterrent Force is the ability to completely overwhelm any negatively aggressive opponent who is either in physical contact with you and/or in fairly close proximity to your body via certain energetic information stored within every cell of your body as a result of Qigong training. Ling Kong Jin (Empty or Distant Force)- is the ability to physically move or manipulate another person via energy projection from a distance, which can be quite powerful even several meters away. This energetic force develops automatically as a result of any longterm standing practice known as Zhang Zhuang and typically manifests after 3-years of training from a combination of heaven and earth chi activating and building the dantien (the body’s main energy storage center). There are also specific Tao Yin Qigong methods and Tenaga Delam techniques that utilize breath and intent that can develop this force much quicker. This skill can be used martially or medically as a projection skill. Basically, the person who has developed their chi to this level has obtained enough energetic strength to effect another person’s cells and bioelectric field through emitting their chi. When you understand that every human cell is designed like a tiny battery and that all of the major organs such as the heart radiate a large electromagnetic field, it is much easier to understand how this phenomenon actually works.