Instructor Kyle Batiste

Instructor Kyle Batiste is a qigong and energy practitioner and has trained with various styles for six years. He teaches and does energy healings in California. Kyle claims his goal is to develop his energy as far as he can in this lifetime and help others realize the power in all of us.

In the words of Instructor Kyle Batiste –

My name is Kyle Batiste and I have been doing energy healing in southern California for over six years. I am making myself available to those that are looking for energy healing in the southern California area. I am also available for private lessons for chi kung or chi gong instruction to those that want to start learning chi kung for health reason, spiritual development, or those wanting to learn how to do energy healing. I am offering distant one on one training over the phone to all those that want to speak and work with an instructor personally.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with several students. I find that the greatest reward of my training is the fact that I am able to help others heal from negative vibrations that prohibit, health happiness and success. I really get a kick out of seeing the reaction of a student when they start feeling and using their energy. The greatest reaction is when they find out that they are only limited by their imagination when it comes to using their energy. I have been blessed to share experiences with many different individuals with many different issues. I am grateful that the creator has placed me in a position to use the knowledge that I have learned from my instructors.

All request for personal energy healing can be made to If you live in southern California and want energy healing for a major illness please email me to set up a time to meet. On all my energy healings I only charge if you feel the benefits of the energy. In cancer patient I only charge when your progress is confirmed by your doctor. If after several sessions of healing and there is no progress I will not charge for the healings and I will refund your money if you wish. This pranic energy is very real and I am ready to put my money were my mouth is. If you don’t receive a benefit from my working on you there will be no charge. Needless to say I have not had a request for refund yet!

If you want to contact me for private lessons then you may also email me and price will be negotiated. I will not take all request for personal training. Only a selected few will be chosen to be taken as students. The student instructor relationship is a very serious one that may last a life time. For this reason students will be chosen with care and deep consideration.

Best wishes to all that read this

Kyle Batiste

An Example of Energy Healing with Instructor Kyle Batiste