Qigong Courses and Developing your Chi

It is our goal to bring you powerful Chi kung or Qigong exercises to help you go to the next level in building your energy. There are hundreds of ways to build energy. We pride ourselves on giving you several different methods that can be used together to help build energy safely and quickly. We bring you these techniques so you can study and build amazing energy for yourself at home. If you use our courses we will do the best to help you learn and build your energy by responding in a timely manner to your emails

In this site we talk about how to develop your energy and build Chi, Ki, or Qi also know as the life force energy. This will be done with our Shaolin Qigong training course that teaches Qigong energy exercises. Through these exercises you will learn how to use you energy and Qigong for a lot of different things. In this site we also give free energy healing tips as well as offer a course on energy healing. We pride ourselves in teaching you some of the best ways to learn energy healing and development. We also give you tips so you can learn about Qigong for free as well.

Sifu Dan Ferrera

Sifu Dan Ferrera

When you start to build your energy you will learn a host of skills, one will be what is called empty force. Empty force is developed by building the energy to the point were it is strong enough to push and pull objects and people without touching them.  This is what people are mainly interested in when they are looking into the subject of internal martial arts. You will learn and develop this skill with Inner Power Empty Forcecourse. As a martial artist you will learn the same thing a healer will learn. The only difference will be the intent behind your energy. We go so far as to teach you how to affect each of the main organs as well. We teach our students that where your mind goes your energy flows. You will learn how to control your energy for your purpose with our courses.

Another skill that we like to teach our students is telepathy. Mental telepathy can be fun and very useful. Learning mental telepathy is made simple with our courses.  As you build your energy you may want to learn how you can become a powerful mind-to-mind communicator which is considered to be a psychic ability. With our courses, mind-to-mind communication is simple and learned very quickly. As you develop your energy you will also find that special abilities start to appear in your life, telepathy being one of them.

We will also show you how to learn meditation to make a better life for yourself. It is our goal to help you build the life you have always wanted for yourself. We will show you how to use your energy to attract people, places, and things into your life that you always wanted. Within 30 days you can start to experience a new life.

Qigong and the microcosmic orbitWe have also taken the liberty of adding a question and answer page on our site that we will up date periodically. On this page we go into details about energy and how it works and how it affects the practitioner. The information you will find on this FAQ on Qigong page is the stuff you would have to pay for with other sites, trust us we know because we had to pay.