FAQs on Qi Gong

FAQs on Qigong

Qigong handsIn this Page of our website we will be consistently adding new information regarding Qi also known as Chi, and Ki. Which should lead to our first question…


ANSWER: Chi, QI, and Ki are all the same way of saying life force energy, which translates into breath. You will often here the word gong or kung after these prefixes. The word gong or kung means development, so when someone uses the word Qigong or Chi gong the are literal talking about developing the life force energy. Within this site we offer products that help you to build this life force energy.


ANSWER: Chi or Qi is in all living things, without chi one would have no life. Something without Chi or Qi is something without life. As we live in our day-to-day lives we use up this life force energy. When we experience negative emotions such as fear, anger, hate, anxiety, and other negative emotions we also burn up this life force energy. Each negative emotion stores in our organs and degenerates them, thus depleting us of our life force. Good Strong powerful Qi or Chi and be developed by doing Qigong. In this site we offer you the tools to build both powerful yin and yang life force energy or Qi

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ANSWER: Yin and Yang energy are both used to describe the totality of universal energy. The universe consists of both yin(-) and yang(+) charges. Everything in the physical world is made up of yin(female) and yang(masculine) charges. An example of this is found in chemistry. Protons have a positive change and Electrons have a negative charge. All things are made up of protons(+) neutrons(neutral)and electrons(-) charges. In order to recreate life yin(feminine) and Yang(masculine principle must be present. For the women reading this page WE WILL NOT resort to calling your energy negative, instead we will call it receptive. Men we will call yours active. When building Qi energy or doing Qigong one must balance their energy with both Yin and Yang exercises. Yin energy tends to be cool and yang energy tends to be hot. Yin energy attracts and bring insight and yang energy repels and projects energy.


ANSWER: Yang energy can be used for moving objects, people, animals, pushing our sickness, repelling negative energy and also martially for self-defense. Yang energy is expansive and hot. Yang energy can be used for heating up the body as well. When practitioners find themselves doing only yang exercise they see that they have a strong energy that is very hot. It can be used for repelling things which can be neat until the practitioners starts to repel things that they like and love. To much yang energy becomes very hot and can damage the organs and cause harm to those that they come in contact with. Yang energy is good and has its purposes but can become equally dangerous when it is not balanced.

Yin energy in receptive and attractive. It is a cool energy and can be used for cooling the body down. When the practitioner builds yin energy they will be able to receive and read the energy from things that are around them and that pertain to what they want to know. The practitioner will find that they are able to see, feel, and know what’s about to happen or what has happened to a person place or thing by energy that it give off or that is left on it. The ability to attract what one wants in life is also an ability that emerges with the development of yin energy. When one builds only yin energy they have the tendency to become negative. Being only receptive and not active can make one a victim and worrisome due to over analyzing Only taking in energy but not being able to repel it can become very emotionally straining.

In our courses we give you both active and receptive, both yin and yang exercises so that ones energies can become balanced. Balance in the key to awesome power and abilities, happiness, health and good life force energy.


ANSWER: Chi gong or Qigong is something that most serious practitioner take on for a life time. However with the links that we have provided and with our causes and a good mentor you could start to demonstrate some amazing abilities anywhere from 3 months to a year. Keep in mind that most students really start to do really cool stuff after about 4 years with at least 2 hours of training a day.


ANSWER: Most GOOD Masters will heal the sick using there energy. Master will be able to read energy in things and people. They are able to communicate telepathically, read minds, manipulate situations and people to the desired direction, which by the way can bring a lot of unwanted karmic debt if the practitioner is not creating win-win situations for all in involved. Other skills include walking through walls, levitation, disappearing moving object and people without touching them and more believe it or not. There are 3 types of Qigong or energy development. Medical Qigong, Martial Qigong and Spiritual Qigong. We have courses that teach all three of these forms on this site. These courses include Qigong exercise that one can do for the rest of ones life in order to gain these other abilities as well.


ANSWER: Once one builds their energy the breath can be used in projecting and amplifying the chi. The breath is connected and said to be the life force energy. Through Breathing one can direct the energy flow in and out, back and forth when the mind and the breath are combined. After a practitioner becomes stronger enough the breath is no longer needed and the mind is used to project the energy. The Breath and the mind work together to direct chi or qi flow. Always remember that in all you do, were the mind goes the energy flows.

Here is an interesting blog from My instructor on chi gong and and some forms of yoga.

Empty Qigong & Yoga

By Sifu Ferrera

kundalini yogaIt’s sad to say, but also very true that the majority of Qigong and Yoga classes available in America are void of their real intended purpose. The same can be said about most Tai Chi as well since this is a moving form of Qigong. Unfortunately this trend is likely to worsen due to the gaining popularity of these internal systems of exercise and spiritual development. In most cases, it’s not the teachers fault as they simply learned empty movements, postures or asanas from someone who didn’t’t have a clue as to what real Yoga or Qigong are all about. It’s just like anything else, “garbage in = garbage out.” Qigong and Yoga are not about stretching and breathing or in some cases meditating. Many teachers instruct you to use special breathing that is supposed to accumulate prana or chi also known as vital life force energy. However, the majority of these exact same teachers have absolutely no clue as to what real prana or chi feels like because the teacher they learned from didn’t’t either. A word of caution, special breathing techniques don’t accumulate Chi or Prana unless you learn how to both connect to and feel this universal energy with your mind and body. “Well then,” you might ask, “what is real Yoga or Qigong all about?”

Qigong and Yoga are both complete sciences of self-transformation that have histories going back many thousands of years. They are real mind, body spirit sciences that lead inexorably towards the experience of “yoga,” which literally means “union” with the Absolute, the Divine, the Universe, The Tao, Spirit, the One ….etc. The first and most crucial step in this process is to connect with and literally FEEL the living energy (chi, prana, Ki, etc.) that is both within us and everywhere all around us. It is this omnipresent energy that we must learn to physically experience through the practice of real Qigong and/or Yoga that guides us on the path to transcendence and absorption in the infinite ALL.

There are of course real Qigong masters and Yogis in the United States and this article is meant to honor them for teaching the real deal as opposed to many of these small studios, books and videos that are teaching empty exercises with no universal connection to the energy that sustains us. For most eager students, it is like ordering a deluxe pizza and getting a plain cheese pizza and not knowing the difference. How are you supposed to know if your teacher doesn’t’t? Remember garbage in = garbage out. If you don’t have a significant and tangible energetic experience after 3-months of training with your Yoga or Qigong instructor, then you are probably just getting the plain cheese pizza. Most masters will also project energy into their students while teaching them to connect to the universal source of energy and will have them fairly proficient at the beginning stages of energy work within this relatively short period of time. The plain cheese pizza in terms of Yoga and Qigong teaching is still good for your health, emotional stress, physical balance, coordination and opening energy channels and so forth, but it is lacking the deluxe toppings or energy work that was the entire reason for preserving these scientific systems for so many millennia.


ANSWER: When looking for a Qigong or Chi gong teacher one should consider several things. First CAN YOU FEEL THE TEACHERS CHI!!! this is so important because so many will claim to have energy but not be able to show there abilities. A real Qigong teacher can display his ability at will, even from thousands of miles away. I have personally spoke to teachers over the phone and could feel their energy as though they were in the same room with me. Second but almost the most important thing to look for is a teacher that is emotionally and energetically balanced. Energetically balanced is easier to come by than emotionally and spiritual balanced. The reason that this is so important is because energy will follow the emotions and student very quickly become energetically connected to their teachers. If the teacher is emotionally unbalanced it can cause all types of problems for the students as well as the teacher. An example of this is organ pain, Sadness,vomiting, fear, dizziness,worry, and so much more negative side effects that can be avoided by simply having the right Qigong teacher. Another important thing to look for in a Qigong teacher is are the non-judgmental. Do they except you for who you are and still able to love you as GOD would love you or a parent would love their child unconditionally. Putting up with foolishness is not what i am say here, but knowing who you are and accepting you unconditionally. Remember that a good Qigong teacher will encourage you and push you to grow energetically emotionally and spiritually.


ANSWER: A good teacher can teach you with a written course and instructions over the phone one a week. Being with a teacher in person has benefits as well. However an energetically strong teacher can teach you just as well in person as he can from a long distance over the phone and through emailing. We offer home course that will help you reach your goal of becoming a Master with your hard work and practice.

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