Tai Chi Ruler Advanced




Our first tai chi ruler class was so popular and had many students asking for further instruction. We have responded. Its popularity seems to be that this is such a simple and elegant way to stimulate and cultivate chi.

This course also has a private password protected walkthrough of Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrating the Tai Chi Ruler!

This system does create a very serene state of mind and the feeling gives the impression of timelessness. It creates a sense of calm, which leads to a relaxed fullness within the body. Practitioners of this method state that they find their mind calms very quickly and the body relaxes and fills up with Chi. If one completes a 100-day consecutive training (gong) with the tai chi ruler without missing any days, this system builds a lot of chi!

The method is an extremely rich system of training the mind and body. The founder of the ruler system was Chen Tuan (871-989 A.D.) a famous Taoist hermit who lived on Huashan mountain and mastered the three unique Taoist skills: martial arts, meditation, medicine, energy healing and qigong (energy cultivation). From master Chen Tuan, the Tai Chi Ruler skills were selectively passed down to other masters for generations. Many consider it to be the ultimate tool in Orbital Qigong practice for a gentle Kundalini awakening, which is known as the Greater Kan and Li in China. What we know for sure is that Zhao Zhougdao (1844 -1962) was the first person to teach the Ruler form of exercise publicly in Beijing China in 1954. As with any traditional lineage there are variations of movements, exercises and subtle preferences or nuance. The system offered here is as taught by Sifu Dan Ferrera, who studied Sifu Fong Ha and Sifu Share Liew’s methods as well as many other ruler systems to develop the methods presented herein.


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