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Get an incredible rush of power and energy, become instantly alert and focused, expand your field of awareness, refresh and rebalance your entire system in just minutes each day.

Improved Athletic Performance

This incredible system of exercise will dramatically improve your physical strength, speed and more importantly your explosive tendon and ligament power! This kind of power has a significant effect on all types of athletic performance! Not to mention its amazing self-healing effects. All athletes of any age from golfers, baseball players, Football, especially quarterbacks & pitchers, wrestlers, basketball, tennis, boxers, martial artists, swimmers, hockey players, etc. will achieve significant benefits from this ancient exercise system. The amazing benefits can be seen in as little as 90-days! You will be shocked at how such a simple exercise system can have such a dramatic and powerful effect on your whole body. Most systems of exercise just focus on muscular strength, but this one of a kind system targets the tendons and ligaments. If you weren’t born with explosive tendon power, or that phenomenal “wire like” whipping or snapping power then until today you were just simply out of luck. That is unless you already knew this ancient secret for rapid transformation! If you compete in any form of athletics whatsoever, you will want the advantages this unique method provides.

Mental Telepathy and psychic abilitiesImproved Mental Performance

In the right combination, these powerful exercises allow access to seemingly “super-human powers” of the internal body that would otherwise not normally be achieved. Through the internal system, you can develop laser-like focus, improved multi-sensory visualizations, more completely control your emotions, accumulate, generate and store tremendous amounts of energy within the “tendon lines” or energetic pathways of the body and manifest incredible confidence, motivation and unstoppable will power.

How would you like to learn how to:

  • Immediately “shift your state of being” and powerfully unify the body, mind, and emotions to create a true laser-like focus …even under extremely high stress situations.
  • Feel much more connected to Nature and the Universe and all life in general.
  • Get Healthier & Feel younger. Regain and maintain youthful vigor by increasing the Body’s “Internal elixirs” (your hormonal balance) while at the same time “Charging up the tendon lines” for stored elastic energy.
  • Prepare for Combat Sports or matches and recover more quickly even against “younger” opponents.
  • Speed up your recovery from physical or emotional shock, trauma, or injury.
  • Rebalance and refresh yourself throughout your day, feeling alive and ready for more action at anytime. Have that “Bring It On” attitude available all the time.
  • Harness your newly found internal power and really project it… to intentionally “get it done” in Real life situations.
  • Set yourself up for optimum results in any type of training, meditation or learning.
  • Deliberately harness and control the type of “RAW POWER” that most people can only access during the most extreme emergencies, when someone’s survival is on the line.
  • Dramatically expand your field of awareness, perception and sensitivity to your overall environment and current surroundings.

In addition as a free bonus, we are providing the ancient secret for tendon transformation! You can search the net and find information on the “Yijin Ching” method, but here is the thing. ITS WRONG! Most are illustrating exercise from the 8 Shaolin Silken Movements, The Eight Brocade or the 18 Lohan Hands. These are in fact excellent Qigong practices, but they are not the transformational system we provide. In fact, we had to find a nearly 100-year-old out of print manuscript from the 1930’s to get the details of this specialized training method. This method works synergistically with the Power Exercises (Himm Kong) to skyrocket your results. You don’t have to spend hours upon hours each day training either. Once you become accustomed to the exercises provided, Him Kong can be done in under 2-minutes and Yijin Ching can be done in under 8-minutes! Everything will be supported by video instruction, so you can start immediately.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Piergiorgio (verified owner)

    This course gives what it promises. It really has two exercises, one that is found in shaolin course and another who is specific for this course. The first is used to produce qi internally, by using some movements with fists, while the second is used to gather qi externally, and gives focus, concentration, and a lot of other benefits, explained here.

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