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For sometime now, students eager to learn more of Sifu Dan Ferrera’s Qigong method and train with him could order his DVD online for $50. This nearly hour long class allows viewers to practice as if they were in the room training alongside Sifu Dan. It’s one of the first courses that put Sifu Dan Ferrera on the map. There is a lot of energy to be gained and learned from this DVD. As has continued to grow and now has students all over the world we have received numerous requests for the DVD to be put online as DVDs won’t play on PAL systems. We answered the call and have put Sifu Dan’s Qigong class online for a discounted price of $35. Ordering this video gives you the password to access this exclusive video.

Qigong Benefits

  • peace of mind
  • alertness and focus
  • increased energy and stamina in all facets of life
  • more strength
  • patience
  • intuition
  • increased magnetism to positive people and environments

Michigan Institute of Qigong Healing & WellnessThe manual that accompanies this video is designed to aid the practitioner in following the energy cultivation exercises. Initially, the DVD was not intended to be “instructional” as another student of Sifu Dan Ferrera who spends the winters in Florida and teaches a small group in the art of Qi breathing filmed it during one of his regular energy cultivation classes. The DVD was made with the intent to radiate energy right through your TV screen. The energy was toned down a bit so that viewers new to energy work would not be overloaded, which can result in a type of “healing crisis” as the body would clear and purge at a much quicker rate, resulting in nausea, dizziness, cold or flu like symptoms, etc. To feel Qi energy from this DVD, just stand relaxed, with soft eyes (slightly closed) in front of the screen, with your arms at your sides and jawbone relaxed (no clenched teeth) with the intent to feel and experience the energy (see picture below). It’s normal for your body to feel like its being moved back and forth by the Qi. This allows your body to learn without words.


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