Energy Healing




Imagine being able to become an energy healer now. In the past you would have to study for at least 3 to 5 years to be powerful enough to practice as an energy healer or at least powerful enough to practice healing on others with effectiveness.  We are proud to Offer a course that brings together 13 healing concepts. This course uses Qigong and other techniques to increase health and build powerful energy for yourself, which you can use to treat potential clients.

I have used these techniques and have gotten miraculous results. YOU WILL TOO!

With the course  Information in this course I have been able to personally help aid in curing:

  • Goat flare ups
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Chakra blockages, release of emotional baggage trapped in the chakras.
  • Mild depression
  • Decrease in nervous twitching
  • Intense swelling from surgery.
  • Organ pains such as kidney pain, liver pains, inflamed tonsils , Stomach pains, lung irritation from smoke inhalation and so much more.

With some of these treatments that I have done I was miles away from the person while the healing session was being conducted. As you practice and learn you will see that you will not be limited by time or space.  The more you practice and learn the more you will find that you only limitations come from you and your imagination. Make the decision now, If you are into any kind of healing you want this course now.

Here are Some of the techniques you will be learning.

  • Powerful i techniques
  • Chi Gong methods to developing healing power
  • Emotional Freedom techniques used to hide the system of emotional spiritual mental, and physical damage
  • Making powerful healing water using QiGong and Reiki
  • Charging glass Crystals for chakra balancing and energizing
  • How to make Taoist immortal salt water
  • How to chant and use sounds and colors in order to heal yourself and others
  • Standing meditation to build stronger chi
  • Developing your chi sensitivity
  • How to properly breathe to simulate healing
  • Circuit healing
  • Distant healing and more…………………………….

This course is created for the person that truly cares and wants to help others. The course even comes with a contract and medical disclaimer form for you to give your patients, if you chose to take on energy healing as occupation. Or goal is to have as many people doing energy healing as possible. In saying that we want to offer the course for a price that anyone who is serious can afford. It is our goal to send out as much healing chi as possible.

This course also comes with a year mentorship as well. If you have any questions you may contact us by email and we will answer your question it a timely manner. Give us at least 2 days to get back with you, but usually we will get back to you in 24 hours.


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