Qigong Course in Riverside, California on October 30th.

If you live in the inland empire of southern California and want to learn how to develop your energy so you can become an energy healer, become more intuitive, and develop your chi or pranic abilities this is the seminar for you. In this seminar you will learn the first steps to developing your inner […]

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Chi Power Clothes

by Sifu Dan Ferrera In this short information piece, I’m going to discuss the significance of your Qigong workout clothes and suggest ways that you can use them to enhance your training or help family members who are not feeling well. You see, when you do real Qigong workouts, there is always a surplus build […]

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Qigong Podcast 1

This is the first podcast we are doing which are discussions with the teachers behind DevelopYourEnergy.net. In this interview we talk with Instructor Kyle Batiste about how he got started training in qigong and how the website came to be. He also discusses which courses are best for what circumstances. He also talks about whether […]

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Metro Detroit Qigong Classes

If you live in the metro-Detroit area you can take classes with Sifu Dan Ferrera at the Michigan Institute of Qigong Healing and Wellness at the World Class Institute of Martial Arts in Livonia. 31839 Eight Mile (between Farmington & Merriman/Orchard Lake) Livonia, MI (on the borderline of Farmington, MI and Livonia, MI) 48152 248-478-1088 worldclassima@twmi.rr.com

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Biography Information Updated

As we overhaul the usability of this website and plan to add new content and courses we have asked for feedback. One of the concerns that’s come up was “Who are these guys?” . While the world of chi can be vast and mysterious, there is no reason our identities need to be. By no […]

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Tenaga Delham Ilahi Now Available

The Tenaga Delham Ilahi Course we talked about last week is now ready for download. It is available by clicking here. Get your waters ready. Also keep coming back and stay tuned. We have some more courses on the way.

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A New Look at Human Energy Cultivation

By Dan Ferrera Qigong or “Energy Cultivation” is the ancient Asian system of gathering, condensing and circulating life force energy known as Qi or Prana through a unique system of exercises involving breath control, body alignments and various meditation methods. There are literally thousands of individual Qigong systems and approaches to this ancient art, but […]

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Inner Power Empty Force

We have updated a new video of an Inner Power Empty Force Demonstration. Ling Kong Jing, the “Empty Force,” is one of the highest martial arts skill in China. This extraordinary technique harnesses the power of chi, the body’s vital energy, enabling masters of the art to defend themselves against opponents without making physical contact. […]

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Understanding Chi Cycles

Chi follows a type of cyclic rhythm just like the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. The time period from March to October is when Yang chi is really on the rise as the plant kingdom awakes from its winter sleep. This is particularly strong from the middle of May to August. If possible, you […]

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