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Himm Kong Power Exercises

Himm Kong – The Power Exercises – New Course Added

As mentioned before we are adding more video courses to Develop Your Energy. Our first video course we’ve added is Himm Kong- The Power Exercises.

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Synergistic Revitalizing Qigong – 4 exercises for Energy & Alertness

We have uploaded a new Youtube Video -Synergistic Revitalizing Qigong – 4 exercises for Energy & Alertness Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates 4 exercises to give you energy and alertness. The first is a Tibetan method known as turtle breathing with a kundalini style form of breathing. The second is a method of stimulating and rubbing […]

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Baoding Balls

Baoding Balls & Magnetic Energy

We have updated a new video where Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates his unique take on the ancient practice of Baoding Balls, or Chinese Therapy Balls.

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Qigong Video Testimonial

Qigong Testimonial – Video

A student sent this into us about his experiences with Thank you so much. Sleeping better is always a good thing.

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New Advanced Tai Chi Ruler Course Available

A new advanced Tai Chi Ruler course has been posted with accompanying password protected video from Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrating the techniques written about in the course.

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Carl Sagan

We are starstuff harvesting starlight.

Next time you practice Qigong think of how “we are a way for the cosmos to know itself”

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Qigong Videos Page

We’re still hard at work trying to make available as much information as we can and as easy to navigate as possible. Check out our new Qigong video page.

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Q&A with Sifu Dan Ferrera – Vol 1 – Part 2

In this second Q&A with Sifu Dan Ferrera he answers the following questions- How are Tai Chi and Qigong related? Is there a connection between Yoga and Qigong? How did you get started in Qigong and Energy Work?

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Healing the Heart Chakra

A couple of news items today… First check our updated links page which is long overdue. Some great resources for further information and growth. We also have a video from the end of last summer where Kyle Batiste, founder of,  performs an energy treatment on a man with a blockage in his heart chakra. […]

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