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Develop Your Energy

Tai Chi Ruler Testimonial

Just had to send a quick note to let you know how much |I`m enjoying the exercises with the tai chi ruler. The information in the manual is very clear & easy to understand and it`s great to have the video for a visual to clarify details. I will be watching for any additional exercises […]

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Mental Telepathy Review

Mental Telepathy Course Testimonial

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Qigong Video Testimonial

Qigong Testimonial – Video

A student sent this into us about his experiences with Thank you so much. Sleeping better is always a good thing.

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Qigong Testimonial – Tim

We sat down with Tim, a student of Sifu Dan Ferrera for just over a year. He also works on the website. In this sit down interview he talks about some of the benefits he has had through some of the courses on, not to mention being able to train under Sifu Dan’s guidance.

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Reiki Testimonial

THANX,Order came in on the computer the same day. Sooo much  good material, I need to digest it and practice appropiately. Actually I might go for the Reiki { SEICHIM} attunements and on to Kundalini attunements when I am ready.Thanx again for the very quick response on the order….

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Third Eye Testimonial

Thanx: Received the course last night as sent per Timothy Dalton.Glanced through and listened to one of the Audio’s. Excellent material…I’m gonna assimilate the goodies and practice accordingly. As a Footnote… Been rolling the Magnetic Therapy Balls{ aquired the copper and magnetic} for the ten or fifteen minutes of doing the results are very very […]

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Open Your Third Eye Testimonial

You can purchase this course here. The 3rd eye program is amazing! I had my first lucid dream this morning and I wrote about it in my journal: “Yo i just had my first full blown lucid dream…I’ve had dreams in the past that were vivid but I was still dreaming. This time I was […]

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Digestion,Sleep, Resilience

Here is another testimonial. Love the phrase “Digestion,Sleep, Resilience”. Isn’t that what it’s all about on some level? I’m doing almost 2 hours a day standing…temporarily stopped yijinjing because all the connective tissue in my hands seems to be growing back. Hands were chapped on the joints and skin was cracking. Digestion, sleep, resilience to […]

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Testimonial about chi from a woman in her 50s

My co-worker asked me if I wanted to take an energy related class with her.  The class she picked was in a city which was quite a long distance from where we worked, so I suggested that we look for something a little closer.  I  Googled it and found Dan’s class   (shhh – don’t tell […]

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