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Develop Your Energy

Tenaga Dalam Ilahi Testimonial

One of our most popular and more intense classes is Tenaga Dalam. This course has a strong relationship in cultivating energy as it relates to the sun and moon and the ritual prescribed for it helps one to do so. In this recent testimonial student Derrick McCoy discusses the effects and benefits of Tenaga […]

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Qigong Videos Page

We’re still hard at work trying to make available as much information as we can and as easy to navigate as possible. Check out our new Qigong video page.

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Tenaga Delham Ilahi Now Available

The Tenaga Delham Ilahi Course we talked about last week is now ready for download. It is available by clicking here. Get your waters ready. Also keep coming back and stay tuned. We have some more courses on the way.

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Tenaga Delham Ilahi Inner Power Training

A new course has been added to the teachings at This course will develop cosmic inner energy with celestial prana. Check out the video and click here to view the course.

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