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New Product – Open Your Third Eye – Anja Chakra

There’s a lot going here at Develop Your Energy. Things are beginning to move. We recently implemented a new checkout procedure and we thank you all who have ordered and for your patience and support as we get it all running smoothly. We also have a new course and some free videos with Sifu Dan […]

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Smashan Press

Sifu Dan Ferrera also has other works available at Smashan Press which is the force behind websites like,,,,,, According to their website- We publish unusual, practical methods for self-development We distribute natural, practical products that increase personal freedom. We work for the benefit of all. As the web developer for I can testify that I came […]

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The Five Element Theory

Sifu Dan Ferrera has been published on the CoSozo website with a very concise introduction to the The Five Element Theory as it relates to Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. From the article Taoist Qigong practices as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine theory utilize a unique health philosophy based upon emotional energies, elements, Feng Shui […]

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Sifu Dan Ferrera Qigong Class 2009

Sifu Dan Ferreara has released a dvd video available for purchase on CreateSpace. From Create Space- This DVD takes you through a complete one hour internal energy workout that utilizes a unique “teeth breathing” method that rapidly develops inner power and empty force (ling kong jing). It is a synergistic blend of Wei Dan (external) […]

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Metro Detroit Qigong Classes

If you live in the metro-Detroit area you can take classes with Sifu Dan Ferrera at the Michigan Institute of Qigong Healing and Wellness at the World Class Institute of Martial Arts in Livonia. 31839 Eight Mile (between Farmington & Merriman/Orchard Lake) Livonia, MI (on the borderline of Farmington, MI and Livonia, MI) 48152 248-478-1088

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Biography Information Updated

As we overhaul the usability of this website and plan to add new content and courses we have asked for feedback. One of the concerns that’s come up was “Who are these guys?” . While the world of chi can be vast and mysterious, there is no reason our identities need to be. By no […]

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A New Look at Human Energy Cultivation

By Dan Ferrera Qigong or “Energy Cultivation” is the ancient Asian system of gathering, condensing and circulating life force energy known as Qi or Prana through a unique system of exercises involving breath control, body alignments and various meditation methods. There are literally thousands of individual Qigong systems and approaches to this ancient art, but […]

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Sifu Dan Ferrera on MI Entertainment Radio

The main teacher behind  Develop Your Energy, Sifu Dan Ferrera, was recently interviewed on Michigan Entertainment Radio. Quoted from the website- Original Air Date 08/14/10: Sifu Dan Ferrera joins us today to talk about Qigong – an intriguing conversation that covers what it is, what it isn’t, and why you should care about this ancient […]

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Another testimonial on Chi Kung

Another testimonial from a woman in her 50s I wanted to share this with you…. I worked a long day on Sunday and then a long day yesterday too (I worked till midnight after class yesterday).  When I laid down to go to sleep last night I got one of those neat energy surges – […]

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