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Qigong & The Power of Magentic Fields

Last month we uploaded a video of Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrating his unique technique for Boading Balls, also known as Chinese Therapy Balls. Through our Facebook Page we received a lot of positive responses and seeking spirits asking for more information. We listened and have made Sifu Dan Ferrera’s “New Look at Human Energy Cultivation“ […]

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Baoding Balls

Baoding Balls & Magnetic Energy

We have updated a new video where Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates his unique take on the ancient practice of Baoding Balls, or Chinese Therapy Balls.

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Psychic Abilities

What’s Real? – by Sifu Dan Ferrera

As Develop Your Energy moves forward, you will notice our focus on Spiritual Growth, Enlightenment and Health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We have made the mistake of imitating other similar businesses and as a result have been pulled off course from the real purpose of our practices. We only wish to bring people health, […]

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New Advanced Tai Chi Ruler Course Available

A new advanced Tai Chi Ruler course has been posted with accompanying password protected video from Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrating the techniques written about in the course.

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Qigong Testimonial – Tim

We sat down with Tim, a student of Sifu Dan Ferrera for just over a year. He also works on the website. In this sit down interview he talks about some of the benefits he has had through some of the courses on, not to mention being able to train under Sifu Dan’s guidance.

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Qigong Videos Page

We’re still hard at work trying to make available as much information as we can and as easy to navigate as possible. Check out our new Qigong video page.

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Chi Kung Q&A with Sifu Dan Ferrera Vol 1.3

Our next installment of our Chi Kung Q&A with Sifu Dan Ferrera is now available. In this interview he answers the following questions: What are the effects of practicing Qigong? Does one gain “special powers” by practicing Qigong? Is Qigong medical or spiritual? Is Qigong religious?

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The Yin & Yang of Health – from CoSozo

Sifu Dan Ferrera recently published this article at CoSozo about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how Yin and Yang affects one’s health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the body’s internal organs or, more properly, “organ systems” are classified as being either Yin or Yang, which is somewhat analogous to electricity or magnetism. For example a […]

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Secrets of Breathing

Clinical studies prove that oxygen, wellness, and life span are totally dependent on proper breathing.  Lung volume is a primary marker for how long you will live.  Consider this: A) Science has proven that cancer is anaerobic – it does not survive in high levels of oxygen. B) Shortness of breath and heart disease are […]

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