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New Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qigong Information Available

New Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qigong Information Available

One of our oldest and best-selling courses on Develop Your Energy is the Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Course . In fact, we have found students who have purchased this course become some of our most diligent and advanced Qigong practitioners. We feel very strongly about the benefits of “Standing Zen” and wish to […]

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Which Energy Course Should I Take First?

Newcomers to often ask “which course should I take first, or what order would you suggest to begin?” First things first, you should take our Qigong 101 course first. This is the foundation and basis of everything and the only class we give refunds on. We are confident you will begin to feel Chi! […]

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Structured Healing Water Course Added

The first time I read about this I thought it was crazy. “Boy, you’ve really crossed the line into wackiness.” Can you really create water to heal and energize it? I followed the instructions with skepticism and I stand corrected. There really is something to this and if you think about it, water has been […]

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New Chi Kung Clothing!

We’ve had a lot of requests for this and it is helpful on many levels. Not only does the Chi Kung merchandise we’ve set up at CafePress look cool, it also has the benefit of becoming good “Chi Power clothes” as explained by Sifu Dan Ferrera. By regularly wearing the same clothes while you train, […]

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Something to consider with Chi Kung Practice this weekend

When you are doing your Chi Kung practice this weekend or, maybe you are doing the Zhang Zhuang Chi Kung, keep in mind that there will be a Perigree Moon this Saturday as we transition with the Spring Equinox. This will be the fullest and brightest moon in twenty years which has all sorts of […]

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New Course – Ma-Qigong Training

We have added a new course to our catalogue – Ma-Qigong Training. Like all our course descriptions there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from the text and pictures. Read Sifu Dan Ferrera’s course background and find out the subtleties of transmitting energy into objects while cultivating your own energy. And for $25, […]

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Dream Programming Now Available for Third Eye Course

For everyone that has purchased the Third Eye Course, they will now receive a supplemental PDF about Dream Programming where one can learn to control their dreams. All previous buyers of this course have been emailed their copy. If you ordered and for some reason did not receive it, please email us through the contact […]

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Contact Form

As we continue to enhance site design a contact form has also been added to the website. You may find it here.

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Eternal Springs Chi Kung

First off Happy New Year to you all! Thank you so much for your support and your patience as we really ramped up in 2010. We hope to provide more resources in the near future. Stay tuned. We now have our first private area video for those who have purchased the Shaolin Nei Jing […]

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