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Psychic Abilities

What’s Real? – by Sifu Dan Ferrera

As Develop Your Energy moves forward, you will notice our focus on Spiritual Growth, Enlightenment and Health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We have made the mistake of imitating other similar businesses and as a result have been pulled off course from the real purpose of our practices. We only wish to bring people health, […]

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Qigong Videos Page

We’re still hard at work trying to make available as much information as we can and as easy to navigate as possible. Check out our new Qigong video page.

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Secrets of Breathing

Clinical studies prove that oxygen, wellness, and life span are totally dependent on proper breathing.  Lung volume is a primary marker for how long you will live.  Consider this: A) Science has proven that cancer is anaerobic – it does not survive in high levels of oxygen. B) Shortness of breath and heart disease are […]

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NEW COURSE: 5-Elements & 9-Esoteric seals

This looks like one of our most powerful courses and intense courses available….and it is one of the most affordable. This course provides all the information needed to self initiate, practice and perform the 5-elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Space) and the 9-esoteric hand seals known as Jiuzi Miling in China and Kuji-In in Japan. […]

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Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Stance

This is our deepest and most important video posted to date. In it Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates the three choices of stance for Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan. This video alludes to the quality of instruction, not to mention the heart and sincerity you will find around Develop Your Energy. A student  noted that […]

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A New Look at Human Energy Cultivation

By Dan Ferrera Qigong or “Energy Cultivation” is the ancient Asian system of gathering, condensing and circulating life force energy known as Qi or Prana through a unique system of exercises involving breath control, body alignments and various meditation methods. There are literally thousands of individual Qigong systems and approaches to this ancient art, but […]

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Inner Power Empty Force

We have updated a new video of an Inner Power Empty Force Demonstration. Ling Kong Jing, the “Empty Force,” is one of the highest martial arts skill in China. This extraordinary technique harnesses the power of chi, the body’s vital energy, enabling masters of the art to defend themselves against opponents without making physical contact. […]

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