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Advanced Poster Training

Over the years, many people have asked me about the advanced poster training methods promoted by SPC-USA as formally taught by Sifu Jones. The essence of the method is based on a small book by Professor Lawrence Powers titled: Twelve Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize. Another book that uses a mirror gazing trance inducing technique […]

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Internal Organ Meditation

This is an Internal Qigong meditation to nourish vital organs with positive energy to help keep them charged so they can function smoothly. This Qigong meditation can be done daily or once a week. Once comfortable with the practice, it can be done quickly. Taking only 5 to 8 minutes. This is an important Qigong […]

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Intro to Internal Alchemy

Internal Alchemy Methods – 8 Part Video Series

Sifu Dan Ferrera has just released an 8 part video series on Internal Alchemy Methods! Over 1.5 hours of video content. Internal Alchemy These video lessons focus on the expedient learning of internal alchemy methods by emphasizing a physical tactile awareness approach prior to engaging in meditative practices. By following the eight lessons provided in […]

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Breathing of Universe

Breathing of the Universe & Energy Polarity

Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates the Qigong technique of “Breathing of the Universe”.  In this video Sifu shows the movement of the arms and hands in a technique for expansion and a technique for attraction. He concludes with a form that combines the two. Toward the end of the video he alludes to a profound effect of rooting to […]

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Empty Force

Empty Force – Ling Kong Jing | Sifu Dan Ferrera

One of our most popular courses for an advanced and dedicated student is Inner Power Empty Force. From our course description – Inner power is a natural ability that appears to be supernatural in its effects and results. It is like a powerful magnetic shield that will protect you from hostile threats. Understand here and now […]

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Quantum K Guided Meditation

Quantum K And The Original Blueprint

Kinesiology, or human kinetics, is the scientific study of how humans move. It can relate to sports and exercise, or it can get into physical therapy, rehabilitation, and even the subtle movements of the heart and lungs when we breathe. As the science of kinesiology gets deeper it is no surprise it begins to uncover […]

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Himm Kong Power Exercises

Himm Kong – The Power Exercises – New Course Added

As mentioned before we are adding more video courses to Develop Your Energy. Our first video course we’ve added is Himm Kong- The Power Exercises.

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Synergistic Revitalizing Qigong – 4 exercises for Energy & Alertness

We have uploaded a new Youtube Video -Synergistic Revitalizing Qigong – 4 exercises for Energy & Alertness Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates 4 exercises to give you energy and alertness. The first is a Tibetan method known as turtle breathing with a kundalini style form of breathing. The second is a method of stimulating and rubbing […]

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Chi ball

Empty Force Step by Step

We have added a new page in our Chi Kung Info – Empty Force Step by Step. This page exhibits how energy  can be used to move individuals. Also, on a news note, take a look at our page on Google +.

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