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NEW COURSE: Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qigong

We’ve really received a lot of very positive and thankful feedback for the video we posted a few weeks back of Sifu Dan Ferrera teaching the opening to Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan. Based off some of the feedback from our Facebook page this is a form that is one of Sifu Ferrara’s favorites […]

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NEW COURSE: 5-Elements & 9-Esoteric seals

This looks like one of our most powerful courses and intense courses available….and it is one of the most affordable. This course provides all the information needed to self initiate, practice and perform the 5-elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Space) and the 9-esoteric hand seals known as Jiuzi Miling in China and Kuji-In in Japan. […]

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Where Do You Start with Qigong?

Q&A with Sifu Dan Ferrera – Vol 1 – Part 1 A common question we receive at is “Where do I start?”. This first Q&A with Sifu Dan Ferrera addresses some of these issues. He answers the following questions. With Qigong, where do you begin? What is the right attitude? How do you know […]

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Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Stance

This is our deepest and most important video posted to date. In it Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates the three choices of stance for Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan. This video alludes to the quality of instruction, not to mention the heart and sincerity you will find around Develop Your Energy. A student  noted that […]

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New Product – Open Your Third Eye – Anja Chakra

There’s a lot going here at Develop Your Energy. Things are beginning to move. We recently implemented a new checkout procedure and we thank you all who have ordered and for your patience and support as we get it all running smoothly. We also have a new course and some free videos with Sifu Dan […]

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Chi Power Clothes

by Sifu Dan Ferrera In this short information piece, I’m going to discuss the significance of your Qigong workout clothes and suggest ways that you can use them to enhance your training or help family members who are not feeling well. You see, when you do real Qigong workouts, there is always a surplus build […]

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Qigong Podcast 1

This is the first podcast we are doing which are discussions with the teachers behind In this interview we talk with Instructor Kyle Batiste about how he got started training in qigong and how the website came to be. He also discusses which courses are best for what circumstances. He also talks about whether […]

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A New Look at Human Energy Cultivation

By Dan Ferrera Qigong or “Energy Cultivation” is the ancient Asian system of gathering, condensing and circulating life force energy known as Qi or Prana through a unique system of exercises involving breath control, body alignments and various meditation methods. There are literally thousands of individual Qigong systems and approaches to this ancient art, but […]

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Understanding Chi Cycles

Chi follows a type of cyclic rhythm just like the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. The time period from March to October is when Yang chi is really on the rise as the plant kingdom awakes from its winter sleep. This is particularly strong from the middle of May to August. If possible, you […]

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