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katsumi niikura

Katsumi Niikura’s Ki Breathing Basic Four

Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates the method of Katusmi Niikura’s Ki Breathing Basic Four which is primarily focused on teeth breathing. This video is the traditional version. This is a very good method for accumulating and feeling chi. For more information go to

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Himm Kong Power Exercises

Himm Kong – The Power Exercises – New Course Added

As mentioned before we are adding more video courses to Develop Your Energy. Our first video course we’ve added is Himm Kong- The Power Exercises.

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Synergistic Revitalizing Qigong – 4 exercises for Energy & Alertness

We have uploaded a new Youtube Video -Synergistic Revitalizing Qigong – 4 exercises for Energy & Alertness Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates 4 exercises to give you energy and alertness. The first is a Tibetan method known as turtle breathing with a kundalini style form of breathing. The second is a method of stimulating and rubbing […]

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Chi ball

Empty Force Step by Step

We have added a new page in our Chi Kung Info – Empty Force Step by Step. This page exhibits how energy  can be used to move individuals. Also, on a news note, take a look at our page on Google +.

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Tai Chi Ruler Bonus Exercise Video

The interest in our Tai Chi Ruler Courses seems to continue to grow. As the web developer on I have been doing the Tai Chi Ruler practice somewhat regularly for a little over a month now. I am pleased and intrigued at how effective it is in cultivating energy. I see how it is […]

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Qigong & The Power of Magentic Fields

Last month we uploaded a video of Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrating his unique technique for Boading Balls, also known as Chinese Therapy Balls. Through our Facebook Page we received a lot of positive responses and seeking spirits asking for more information. We listened and have made Sifu Dan Ferrera’s “New Look at Human Energy Cultivation“ […]

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Dr. Oz 6 Secrets To Live Longer

From the Sept 19th 2011 Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Maoshing said that exercise can stimulate your HGH (Human Growth Hormone).  He demonstrated a simple standing exercise to work your thighs to help stimulate your Human Growth Hormone. You simply bend your knees slightly and hold a slight squatting position until you can’t hold that position […]

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Baoding Balls

Baoding Balls & Magnetic Energy

We have updated a new video where Sifu Dan Ferrera demonstrates his unique take on the ancient practice of Baoding Balls, or Chinese Therapy Balls.

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Qigong Video Testimonial

Qigong Testimonial – Video

A student sent this into us about his experiences with Thank you so much. Sleeping better is always a good thing.

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