I have studied a number of esoteric arts such as chi gung, chakras, meditating to manifest, distant mental healing, and unlocking the power of the subconscious mind. I am not a master; however by being a diligent student I have come to enjoy the benefits of study and consistent practice. It is my goal to give you an account of what has worked for me. So many claim to have the perfect system but many fail to deliver. Trust me I know. So it is my purpose not to say what does not work, but to show you what has worked for me and others I know.

I have always believed that things happen for a reason. I also always acknowledged a power outside of myself, that is also greater than myself (universal intelligence,the source of God). Even though I sat in church every week and listened to the pastor teach the fundamentals of what we are teaching here we take it a step further to the source of the miracles seen in scripture. I have always felt that there was something missing in my spiritual walk and then I realized it was me. This was one of the discoveries that has led me on a search for truth alongside the Bible; doing that I have found truth that starts in me. The Secrets of the kingdom of Heaven can be known.

This website is geared for the beginner. The person that wants to learn about energy practices at their own pace. With this site you will be provided with all that you need to start developing the internal energy, mind power and self-confidence to manifest a new life for yourself. Everybody starts at the beginning and with each step they come closer to their ideal destination. Whether your ideal outcome of life is grim and lonely or full of joy, wealth, prosperity and balance you will arrive at that picture that is postured in your mind’s eye.

This website is not geared to any religion but to universal truth and laws. It is up to the student to practice morality and responsibility with what they learn. Remember that every man will reap what he sows. That is why we are very careful who we bring close to our inner most secrets. Keep in mind that we are dealing with pure power. Whether it is used for illuminating a dark city or setting the city on fire, the information presented can either heal or kill. Keeping this in mind, karma is real and can either bless you with its presences or scorch you with its unexpected return. For this reason we urge all who use this site and information to seek to be a blessing to those you will encounter, with your gain in knowledge and power.

The courses that are offered in this website can and should be used together. One system will complement the other. We know that you will benefit from the information presented in the site because so many others have before you. My main advice is to not become the man looking in. So many people will purchase these courses but will not do the work. Remember that you can buy all the books and courses you want. You can have all the information at your fingertips, but if you don’t apply it and make the words in these courses live through your action and practice all you will be is an esoteric impotent who thinks they know it all.

Congratulations on your first steps to self enlightenment. Please feel free to email us with any question. We love to hear about progress, so if you have any success stories that have resulted from the information presented in this site please contact us at This site is not only a place were we plan to offer products and services, we want to build site were people can exchange with one another freely.