Internal Organ Meditation

emotionsThis is an Internal Qigong meditation to nourish vital organs with positive energy to help keep them charged so they can function smoothly. This Qigong meditation can be done daily or once a week. Once comfortable with the practice, it can be done quickly. Taking only 5 to 8 minutes. This is an important Qigong meditation because the internal organs of our bodies store negative emotions according to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory or TCM for short. The lungs store grief, the kidneys fear, liver stores anger, the heart stores hatred and impatience and the spleen stores worry and anxiety.

This meditation clears the internal organs of any negative emotions and physical toxins. It stimulates physical relaxation and the self-healing response within the body and leaves one feeling a deep sense of peace, which carries over into daily life.

You can do this meditation either standing or sitting upright with eyes closed or open if preferred.

internal organ emotionsBegin by taking a deep breath through the nose as if smelling your favorite fragrance. Visualize an imaginary root coming from the base of my spine and going deep into the earth. You can even think of it as an extension cord that you are plugging into an outlet located at the earths core. Imagine being connected with the earth’s center and tapping into its nourishing life force energy. Feel the earth’s life force energy rising up and coming into your root center, being carried up into the entire body.

Focus your attention on the LIVER and GALLBLADDER. Visualize the color green (like spring time) coming from the earth through your root connection. Green is the energy frequency that can energize the liver. Visualize your liver filling with green vibrant Qi (chee) and do this until it really feels like it has been re-nourished. Invoke the feeling of being kind and generous to others.

5Elements&OrgansNext, turn your attention to the HEART and SMALL INTESTINES. Visualize the color RED coming from the earth via the root connection you have with the earth. Red is the energy frequency and pattern that harmonizes with the heart. Visualize your heart filling with red vibrant Qi (chee) and do this until it feels that it has been re-nourished Then visualize the small intestines being nourished and filled with healing Qi. Invoke feelings of love and gratitude for the heart and being honorable and respected for the small intestines.

Next turn your attention to the SPLEEN, STOMACH, and PANCREAS in the abdomen area. Imagine the color YELLOW coming up from the earth through the root connection with the planets core. Yellow is the color and energy frequency most closely patterned with the spleen and stomach. Visualize the spleen, stomach, and pancreas filling with yellow vibrant Qi (chee) and do this until it feels that they are all nourished with the earth’s life force energy. Invoke feelings of laughter, joy and happiness. Also offer forgiveness to those that you have been unwilling to forgive.

Next turn your attention to the LUNGS and LARGE INTESTINES. Visualize the color WHITE rising up from the earth via your root connection. White is the color most closely connected to the energy which nourishes the lungs. Picture the lungs filling with white vibrant Qi (chee) and do this until feeling it has been re-nourished. Then visualize the large intestines being nourished and filled with vibrant WHITE Qi. Invoke the emotions of feeling amazed and confident.

Now turn your attention to the KIDNEYS, BLADDER, and SEXUAL ORGANS. Visualize the deep BLUE or BLACK energy coming up from the earth into the root connection you have with the core. Navy Blue/black is the color most closely connected to the energy which nourishes the kidneys, bladder, and sexual organs (for females it is the uterus & ovaries/for males it is the testicles). Picture in your mind that the kidneys are filling up with dark blue/black vibrant Qi (chee) and do this until the kidneys feel re-nourished. Then visualize that the bladder and sexual organs being nourished and filled up with this deep blue/black Qi. Invoke feelings of being safe, comfortable, relaxed and at peace.

5Elements&Organs2Next visualize your lower torso and legs filling up with the energy of the earth rising up from the grounding root connection within the earth. Picture and feel the energy filling up your lower torso up to the area of the diaphragm or lower rib cage. Feel it overflowing into your legs as well. Filling up the thighs, knees, calves and feet. Then visualize the energy rising into your upper torso filling it with even more energy coming from the grounding root connection within the earth. The energy then overflows from the torso into your shoulders and down into your arms and hands. It then begins to fill your neck, face and skull, rising up into the crown of your head, where it begins to overflow, pouring down the exterior of your body like an energy bath or shower.

When you feel as if all the major organs have been filled with energy, retract the root connection from the earth and come out of the meditation. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Offer a sincere or heartfelt “Thank You” to the earth for revitalizing your body. To close the meditation, mentally affirm the following:

“I am now completely nourished and filled with revitalizing energy to help my mind and body function harmoniously.”

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    Thank you for this wonderful meditation. Namaste

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