Supplemental Qigong Videos are Here!

Here it is.

As we mentioned in previous posts and email our goal is to have more instructional video, both free and private, for our community. We have already uploaded password protected video to Qigong 101. Below is a video explaining everything by Sifu Dan Ferrera.

This is a major upgrade to the content available for Qigong 101.
Qigong videos
In addition to all the previous pdfs from before you will also be able to view video for the following:

  1. Basic Walkthrough (14:22) – Sifu walks you through the course you ordered and elucidates on some of the more subtler workings.

  2. Stirring The Water Exercise (4:20) – Sifu gives a much deeper explanation of “stirring the water”.

  3. Charging Items with Chi (4:18) – Sifu explains how you can charge objects with powerful chi.

  4. Magnets & Organ Colors (3:54) – Sifu elaborates the role of color in your Qigong.

  5. Distance Healing & Self Empowerment (3:54)

  6. Moving Form (10:06)

As you can see this an abundance of high quality energy and qigong content. Quite honestly one could center their entire practice around this course and spend years and years in order to master. This is the course which is a foundation for a solid Qi understanding to help become grounded, centered, happy, and create causes to make you and the environment prosperous.

Best of luck in your practice and endeavors.

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