On Gratitude – Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Qigong Lotus FlowerWe are taught by following the instructions inherent in Life that we discover through Awareness and reflection. When we miss the Instructions we are taught through pain. Pain is a wake-up call that demands our attention.

True Gratitude is when we can accept all of Life’s Lessons whether gathered through Discovery or Pain.

True Gratitude is the Spiritual catalyst that frees the Unconditional Happiness (True Joy) of your True Self.

Unconditional Happiness (True Joy) is the Highest Practice. (you become what you practice)

Unconditional Happiness (True Joy) is the demonstration of commitment to a Life of Learning and Spiritual Growth.

Unconditional Happiness (True Joy) allows us to enter directly into the state of Grace and Spiritual Freedom.

Openness to Life and True Gratitude are the keys to unlocking the Illusory Prison created by the cycle of … Self-pity -> Fear-> Dishonesty -> Self-pity ….round and round…

Gratitude unconditionally developed, opens the Heart . It is the Master Key to Opening the Heart.

Gratitude catalyzes and quickens growth and freedom.

Gratitude is Advanced Forgiveness.

True Gratitude can expand into the Unknown with a sense of wonder for what may yet be.”

May were all experience and choose True Gratitude.

May we remember the Jewels and Roots of refuge with Great Gratitude.

May we experience Great Gratitude for our lineages of Transmission.

May we have Great Gratitude for all of the Authentic Spiritual efforts of Humanity.

May we have True Gratitude for the Work and having found it not waste anytime, fully opening the Gifts of our lives and sharing the treasures with each other.

May we have True Gratitude for that which is yet to be.

–From the Way of Radiance

“There is no good and bad karma; there is self-created experience that presents opportunities for spiritual advancement.

As long as we react to karma, we must repeat it.

That is the law.”

— Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (1927-2001), founder of Hinduism Today

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