Meditation Technique & Self-hypnosis Method

meditation by HaPe_Gera, on Flickr

  1. Begin by slowing your breathing and really getting into the emotional feelings of savoring and relaxing. Inhale slowly like smelling a flower or enjoying something delicious and mentally savoring the inhale breath with “Mmmmmmm” Exhale slowly with a sigh of relief “Ahhhhh” and really get into the feeling of soothing, comforting, relaxing and calming. This should be Deep Diaphragmatic breathing also known as Buddha Breathing.
  2. Tension and Relaxation: While inhaling with the savoring breath, you will progressively tense muscles beginning with your toes. During the relaxing exhale, you will release tension from the tightened muscles. First tense your toes then relax, then your entire foot and relax, then the calf and shin area, then the upper thighs and hamstring muscles, etc. Remember tense during the savoring inhale and release tension on the relaxing exhale. Continue progressively working up your body, by tensing your abdominal muscles and lower back, your chest muscles and upper back, your shoulders and neck, then your jaw muscles and forehead (clench your eyes closed). Last, place your entire body in a state of tension all at once and then relax.
  3.  Repeat step one for a minute or so to allow yourself to settle.
  4. Then begin counting down from 5. Mentally visualize the number and mentally hear it as well. Count each number 3-times and in your mind hear it getting softer each time (TEN, Ten, ten) as if it were fading away into the distance. Do this with each number as you count down towards absolute silence at zero (0). Also set up a mental paradox loop to get your left-brain to cooperate with the procedure. For example “As I progressively count down and relax, I go deeper and deeper within myself. The deeper I go, the better I feel and the better I feel, the deeper I go.” When you get to zero, just focus your awareness inside your body about two inches below your belly button and continue your “Mmmm” & “Ahhhh” breathing. You can also listen to and/or feel your heart beat or focus on your lower stomach expanding and contracting, etc.. Any thoughts that arise, just let them pass through you like a breeze of wind.
  5. Repeat a second countdown beginning at the number 10. This time count each number one time only. Feel yourself going deeper and deeper into your inner self. 10, 9, 8…. “deeper and deeper” 7,6,5…. “deeper and deeper” 4,3,2…. “deeper and deeper” 1,0 “Mmmmmmm” “Ahhhhhhhhhh”
  6.  From this point forward, you will simply continue to perform deep breathing as described in step one. It is suggested that you use a square breathing method, such as Inhale for a count of approximately 4 seconds, retain and hold the breath in for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds and withhold the inhalation for 4 seconds prior to inhaling. You can also mentally count out this process initially, but with continued practice, it will become natural and automatic. This is a type of alchemical breathing, which rejuvenates the mind and body. Refer to Secrets of Breathing for more information:

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