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We need help in getting the word out there. has a mission to help people tap into their inner power so they may heal themselves, others, and make the universe a better place by enabling them to achieve all their goals. If you’ve looked at any of the videos with Sifu Dan Ferrera or Instructor Kyle Batiste and read between the lines at the WEALTH of free information on this site you will understand we see that a whole paradigm shift is necessary. A paradigm shift of the way we view our bodies, our mind, the environment we live in, how we relate to others, and how we relate to ourselves. Develop Your Energy incorporates the wisdom of the ancient sages, sometimes hidden, sometimes esoteric, and sometimes with an innovative and modern interpretation based on the work of Sifu Dan Ferrera.

We feel that the more people who become AWAKE to this paradigm shift, the universe will be a better place.

So here’s the deal. Help us by sharing in the various Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google + and we will give you 10% off ALL courses on That’s right 10% off ALL courses for life.  We are using a new system called CrowdSquared to help us in this endeavor. We tried a similar program before where we had four audio walk throughs by Instructor Kyle Batiste. These guided meditations are an Inner Smile Walk Through, Light Body Suit, Energy Breath Technique, and Vibration. These four audio courses are also available in this same offer for 10% of all courses. All you have to do is recommend Develop Your Energy to a friend, tell them about us, spread the word. Thank you so much for your interest and commitment to making you and the world better.

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  1. Guy.beard June 23, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    From guy hi I like to get the qigong 101 courses and give it a go I have bean doing yoga for two yaer and cant fill chi or energy . Do you have a phone number Or email me thank you

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