What’s Real? – by Sifu Dan Ferrera

Psychic Abilities

As Develop Your Energy moves forward, you will notice our focus on Spiritual Growth, Enlightenment and Health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We have made the mistake of imitating other similar businesses and as a result have been pulled off course from the real purpose of our practices. We only wish to bring people health, happiness and spiritual fulfillment and everything else is just a byproduct of the exercises and the uniqueness of the individual practicing the methods.

Are Psychic Abilities Real?

Even after many years of research regarding psychic phenomenon, the jury is still deliberating. On one hand, solid and/or repeatable evidence continues to evade serious scientists and paranormal researchers. While on the other hand, credible witnesses frequently report seeing or experiencing psychic phenomenon taking place and psychics can be found in almost every community around the world. While some are most surely frauds, illusionists or skilled magicians, others completely avoid the spotlight while silently using their psychic talents to counsel or help others navigate their lives- thus convincing many people that psychic abilities are very real. It’s not my intention to discredit anyone or cast doubt, but to share my own experiences with such things to let you form your own opinion whether supportive or contradictory. Also understand that much of what I have described below are not everyday occurrences and that some of the experiences discussed are many months if not years apart. The real fruit of spiritual work is not found in any of the so-called esoteric abilities, powers of siddhis. The true fruit is found in connecting to the divine and opening your heart and others to the infinite love and gratitude that abounds.

All the above listed phenomenon refer to psychic or paranormal abilities called siddhis in the yogic traditions that many masters or gurus claim as latent human abilities that can awaken as a result of long-term cultivation, meditation practices, mantra chanting, prayer, fasting and on and on. One should understand here and now that very few masters can demonstrate any of the above abilities and that all such things are typically pursued for ego fulfillment, which is a distraction to the real spiritual work of self discovery and super consciousness. There is nothing wrong with so-called paranormal abilities, but one should realize that they are not the true aim of any spiritual practice. One should also have a complete detachment from any ability that manifests, as it was not given to you to make you feel accomplished or superior to anyone else. Spiritual work is not a “my dog is bigger than your dog” measurement of success. There are many respected masters living today with literally decades of experience that don’t have any paranormal capabilities whatsoever. While on the other end of the spectrum, some teachers will go on claiming to be able to do all kinds of phenomenal things, but never demonstrate anything to the kind, pushing their beliefs and training methodology into the minds of their students to build an almost cult like following. That said, some of the paranormal abilities listed above are in fact real and it is my aim to share my personal experience with you in this regard. Also note, that one of the 8 highest abilities in yoga is called: Yatkamastadavasyati: which is the power to obtain euphoric joy, bliss and happiness by simply willing it, thus ending the cessation of all misery and desire. This is considered to be the highest state of bliss and a link to the Divine super conscious heart-mind.

Sifu Dan FerreraFrom my own personal experience, I have achieved the ability to put myself into a divine blissful state at anytime by simply willing it to be so. This is most certainly an achievable siddhi and is an amazing euphoria like no other. I have also had my chi (energy) physically manifest 5 different times, where others could actually see and touch it. When it occurs, the energy comes out looking something like a glowing golden string about a foot long no thicker than a common spaghetti noodle. It will float in the air for several minutes and bends to the touch somewhat like a cigarette smoke ring, but has more density and structure like a solid string. I have no idea what causes this phenomenon to occur, but it’s happened 5 different times now, always in the summer with a fair amount of heat and humidity. On one occasion while teaching an energetic stopping technique in 2006 using empty force (ling kong jin), several of these strings or noodle like energy strands came shooting out both of my palms. The energy strands had no stopping effect whatsoever upon the student/opponent, but instead stopped due to amazement at actually seeing this weird glowing stringy stuff floating around in the air.

On another teaching occasion in 2008, I was pushing my palms down towards the earth sensing its repelling force and I saw a flash of light that created what appeared to be a paper-thin film, like a sheet of translucent ice across the entire room about the height of my hips. I asked out loud if any other students saw this flash, but when I looked up anticipating a reply, everyone was completely dazed as if hit by a stun gun. One woman totally blacked out and was stumbling toward me uncontrollably about to fall down and I had to catch her. This has never occurred again, and I think it had something to do with the woman who lost consciousness. Something akin to electricity seeking a ground path, which in this case seemed to be related to her solar plexus as a type of short circuit.

Telekinesis or Psychokinetic ability

The ability to move objects with energy or mental force. I have moved objects with my chi, but I’m not totally convinced it’s really life force that is doing the job. In any event, the effect was always strongest after practicing either Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Chan Qigong or Primordial Qigong. The type of items I’ve been able to manipulate are: Plastic model airplanes suspended from string, Aluminum and Tin items suspended, cotton balls, PSI Wheels, ping-pong balls, plastic or aluminum window blinds, a plastic straw cut in half and made into a “+” sign shape with a wood toothpick piercing the center. I have even manipulated this particular “+” item inside a sealed container where no airflow could influence it whatsoever. All of these items are subject to static fields and can be found in what is known as the TRIBOELECTRIC SERIES.

Even though I have been able to manipulate many of these items from 10 to 20 feet away, I personally think that there is some scientific explanation for the phenomenon. Interestingly, the items will obey “intention”, for example if you want it to spin clockwise, its spins clockwise. If you want it to rock back and forth or side to side, it will. If you want it to spin counter-clockwise, it spins counter-clockwise. However even as convincing as this is, I think it has something to do with Quantum physics and the light vs. particle experiments that have been performed repeatedly numerous times: It looks like a duck, walks like a duck, but I’m still not certain it is one (i.e. telekinesis).

A few times, I even went downstairs with a walkie-talkie while my son was upstairs in his room and I would move his model airplanes and he would respond that they were in fact moving. In any case, its interesting phenomenon regardless of the cause and does illustrate that some form of energy is involved or utilized to cause these items to move.

Empty Force and Healing Ability

In my opinion 100% real. I can move people physically with my chi, which I often do in the process of teaching classes. I have also had much encouraging success in using this same energy to help people overcome serious disease, injury and illness. This is also a very teachable ability and is something that everyone can do eventually with enough training. Interestingly, many times when I do distance healings, the recipient often reports physically seeing me as if I had astral projected to their location. Somehow, I think their brain recognizes my energy and organizes it into a mental image (like a TV signal) that results in a hallucination of me being physically present. The brain likes to organize and filter information it’s receiving, which explains why people form pictures out of ink blots or cloud formations in the sky. Most of the time, people who experience this astral imagery are in a half awake & half dreaming consciousness.

The only times I have ever intentionally astral projected with observable success have been situations where I was out of town and I wanted to manifest for my wife who stayed home.  On all occasions when we spoke on the phone the next day, she reported both “seeing me” and “talking to me” and said that I looked like a glowing ghost or hologram. Originally, I thought that this could be explained as some kind of mutually connected lucid dream experience, but she said on one particular occasion she was wide awake watching T.V. so I’m not certain about this dream state as always being the case.

The only self-defense experience I have with empty force occurred 2006 at my son’s basketball game. To make a long story short some unruly parents got belligerent and one man tried to attack me from behind. He grabbed my shirt and ripped it and when I turned around to see what the heck was going on, he was repelled all the way across the entire width of the basketball court. I could literally feel the magnetic repulsion between us. He got up and tried to advance toward me again, but was instantly knocked backwards and fell through the player’s chairs. I did absolutely nothing for this to occur. In other words, it seemed to happen of its own accord without any mental intention from me. My house also seems to be protected by some kind of force field, as violent thunderstorms always seem to split apart and avoid my home. I discussed the training technique used in the Inner Power course, but initially the intention was just a generic overall protection for my home and family.  I also have a student who reported taking a walk with his young daughter. He was pushing the stroller and was attacked by a German Shepard and as the dog got closer, it was suddenly repelled and thrown backwards away from the stroller. The dog did not try to attack a second time and instead assumed a submissive posture.

Lucid Dreaming

Definitely real and one can do any or all of the so-called paranormal siddhis listed above inside the dream realm. I have flown, levitated, projected lightning bolts and fire from my hands, shape shifted, etc. One particular dream when I was more of a novice in terms of my lucid dream experience, I was walking through walls and somehow got myself stuck half way through. My upper torso was basically through the wall and my legs were on the wall’s other side. I tried to move, but was initially convinced about the wall’s solidness. Eventually I reasoned that if I could get halfway through that there was no reason I should not be able to walk all the way through and thus I did. The really strange thing about this experience was that the next day my entire ribcage was hurting in the exact area where my torso got stuck in the wall. Dreams in my opinion are a very interesting natural phenomenon, where the mind both simultaneously creates and experiences the environments and scenarios. The dream may also be experienced in a variety of perspectives (usually 1st person as a character or 3rd person as a witness). In nearly all cases, the mind is completely unaware that it is the creator of the entire dream experience. All characters, scenery, sounds, sensations, environments, etc. are all self created; yet it feels as though you are a separate individual within this self-made world.


Claircognizance means ‘clear-knowing’ without prior exposure. Claircognizants ‘know’ certain things without being told. For claircognizants, their higher self or spirit guides put information (in the form of thought or visuals) into their mind. This is an ability that I have much experience with. I have had this experience multiple times throughout my life and Qigong has amplified its frequency significantly. I didn’t even know that this was an “ability” until just a few years ago when someone told me that I was highly intuitive and probably claricognizant. I often get rapid image downloads into my minds eye that appear something like a slide show at extremely high speeds. I have actually learned many unique intricacies about Qigong forms, 8 Trigrams magic, creating empowerments, and internal alchemy from these informative ‘clear-knowing’ downloads. When I shared the information with some of my teachers, they told me that the information was 100% accurate and that I was blessed to receive it. This is something that I don’t have control over, it just happens randomly and suddenly “I just know” without any feeling of doubt that what I have received is reliable. For me, this ability is very real. 

Animal Communication

One year in 2006 while vacationing in Michigan’s upper peninsula, I saw 4 bald eagles circling out in the distance over Lake Superior. I was doing Qigong exercises and thought to myself it would be really cool if one of those eagles flew closer so I could see it better. Then I thought, “that’s not specific enough.” So then I requested that the eagle fly in from east to west, carrying a fish and that I wanted it to drop the fish right in front of the cabin. About 60-seconds after this mental projection, it happened exactly as I had requested. It was almost like Déjà vu, except I literally requested it to occur. I witnessed this in complete amazement and near disbelief. I even ran out into the lake where the eagle dropped the fish to see if I could grab it with my hands, but it still had enough life within that it swam away as the waves refreshed it. The bald eagle decided to hang around for several hours and perched itself upon the peak of a large white pine tree that died a few years prior.

On another occasion, I was doing Qigong exercises, (much like the ones on my class 2009 DVD) facing the forest line, which is about 2-miles thick and several miles wide. Anyway, as I did the exercises a multitude of animals began to gather around me, mostly staying in front of me near the wood line. There were mice, squirrels, rabbits, 1 large deer, 2 hawks, a raccoon, a timber wolf and a black bear. Initially, the wolf and bear made me feel a little unnerved, but they all just laid down and hung around peacefully as I did the exercises. Didn’t try to mentally control any of them, but they were all very content and peaceful. This same type of thing also occurred on a family vacation to Rehoboth Beach Delaware. I was doing a standing meditation in a nearby nature preserve near the rental home holding the 3rd esoteric seal “Harmony” and all kinds of animals began to gather around me. It started with turtles coming out of the lake, followed by ducks (with ducklings), 2 swans and several deer that hung around on the other side of the lake about 100 feet away. Again in this instance, I didn’t try to control them, but I somehow feel that if I were in danger that animals would try to protect or assist me. When I told a student these same stories, he went out to a local city park with a wooded section and did the 3rd seal in standing meditation and emailed me later that same day to tell me that several deer came out of the woods and hung out around him for 30-minutes or more while he did the practice.

Déjà vu

Since I mentioned this in the prior “eagle experience” I will say that this can happen quite frequently for a time during your training. Déjà vu is the experience of feeling certain that you have already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are a bit foggy or uncertain and were perhaps imagined. Around the winter of 2005, I was lucid dreaming almost every night for about 2-months or more. After a while, it literally became confusing to me as to whether I was dreaming or awake because the dreams were just as vivid and seemingly real to all 5 senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, sound). The only noticeable difference was that my hands had absolutely no lines or distinguishing characteristics and that I could do pretty much anything I wanted once I became aware inside the dream, which usually occurred because I noticed my hands. Anyway, there were many times where I did not become conscious within the dream, but still remembered it vividly the next day. On one occasion, this resulted in a Déjà vu experience that lasted for nearly 15-minutes, where I knew in advance exactly what people were going to say, who was going to walk in a door, what songs were playing, everything! It was very strange and surreal to say the least, which in my opinion lends some credibility to premonitions about the future. Even though my personal experience was meaningless in terms of future significance, it was very accurate.

One December 5th 2007, I had a strange dream about my father who was basically paralyzed due to a severe stroke that occurred 18-months earlier crippling his entire right side as well as speech. He was staying in Florida with my mom and grandmother. The dream I had was extremely real and lucid. In the dream, I was in Sarasota Florida visiting and my father from his wheel chair said “Danny, I want you to take me to the water” and I of course said yes. I got him into the car and we headed south to Siesta Key’s beach. I got him out of the car and wheeled him up to the wood decking near the changing area and said: “Ok dad we are at the water” and he replied emphatically “No Danny, I want you to take me into the water!” This was going to be a difficult task since the water was at least 500-feet away and you cannot push a wheel chair in sand, but he kept insisting. I decided to carry him to the water. The sun was blistering hot and in the process, I reached the point of physical exhaustion and fell to my knees sweating and panting. When I looked up, my dad was in the water fully recovered from his stroke, smiling, laughing and swimming. I awoke around 1:00 AM drenched in sweat, physically exhausted. My arms, shoulders and legs were even sore as if I had actually carried him. He died 2-days later on December 7th. When I told my mom about this dream, she said that he almost died the night I had the dream, but the paramedics resuscitated him and brought him back from flat lining. He gave her specific instructions not to call 911 the next time and that it was time for him to pass on. When he died, I felt happy for him and had no sense of loss or remorse, but instead a profound sense of love and gratitude.


When my maternal grandfather (i.e. My mom’s dad) passed away after having a massive heart attack while shopping for groceries in November of 2005, two strange things occurred. The first odd thing was that I received a phone call from one of my teachers asking me if I was ok. I asked why and he said: “I think your father just passed to the other side.” While still on the phone with him, my mother called on the other line (call waiting) and I switched over to take the call and she told me that my grandfather just passed away. He was most definitely a “father figure” as my brother and I would spend our entire 3-months of summer vacation up north with my grandparents at their summer retirement home. The second strange experience was that same night; my grandfather visually appeared in my home looking like one of those dead Jedi ghosts from the Star Wars series. I even described to my grandmother what he was wearing and she said that’s exactly what he had on when he passed (a white Ford Motor company collared T-shirt, dark blue baseball cap, blue and white plaid golf pants and white shoes). That night, I spoke with him and we laughed about his plaid golf pants and he just wanted everyone to know he was fine. He said his golf game on earth was in the dumpster and it was time to try some other courses. He even told me not to fly down for his funeral, as it would be a waste of my time and travel expenses. He finished this by saying: “besides, I’m not really dead now am I.”

In the year 2008 around October, almost one year after my father passed, I was driving his favorite car (a black 1997 Lincoln Mark 8), which I still own and drive. Suddenly, I could sense his presence in the passenger seat. I could even smell him as strange as that sounds and when I looked over towards the seat all I could see was that strange blurry mirage effect like heat rising from a hot road when you look out into the horizon, but this was right next to me. I said “Hi Dad, coming along for a ride?” and then the air ride suspension system on the car blew out and the car dropped down nearly flush to street level and I had to immediately turn down a side street to get off the main road. Somehow I think he was trying to manifest to warn me of the approaching danger.

Past Lives

I personally don’t recall any “past life” experiences, but many of my teachers and peers have told me that much of my claircognizance “informational downloads” are directly related to prior life experiences. I do know 3 individuals that have experienced vivid and intense past life experiences as a result of drinking energized healing water that I have prepared for them. One individual, who was suffering from a strange digestive disorder causing severe intestinal bleeding, so much so they needed to do blood transfusions, had me do both distance healing while in the hospital and also prepare healing water. The evening I did the distance healing, he reported seeing me walk through the walls entering his room (like a ghost) and then working on his intestinal problems. He felt cramping pains at first and then soothing warmth. The next day a family member brought the water to the hospital and he began drinking it as directed (1/2 cup 2x per day). He called me a week later to tell me that the first night after drinking the water he experienced 7 distinct full lives (birth through death) and remembered dying in each one and being reborn into the next. He said that it was like waking up from a strange coma, he couldn’t believe how much time had elapsed within the experience. He said: “I don’t think that I could have woken up prior to entering my re-experience of this current life. I felt trapped in prior lifetimes and when I was reborn into this life and time progressed forward to the point of being in my present condition, I suddenly woke up, but with memory of 7 prior lives.”

Strange Electrical Phenomenon

On many occasions, I have had weird experiences around electronic devices. The room I used to do Zhang Zhuang Qigong in had a ceiling light that went out and wouldn’t light. I tried replacing the bulbs and even had a friend who was good with electrical wiring take a look at it and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. I decided to practice Zhang Zhuang in the hallway, as there was a rectangular space about 7 feet by 5 feet to stand in. The light in the hallway stopped working after training there for a week. Eventually they both started working again, but it took nearly 6-months. I have also had lamps flicker or short out when I sat near them and even had the street lamp out in front of my house go out when I drove under it. One time around 2008, I went over to my neighbors to do a healing treatment for a migraine headache she was complaining about and asked me for help. I worked on her for about 30-minutes and as soon as I removed my hands, the entire house had a power failure. We are on the same power lines, so I went home to see if my house had also lost power, but it did not. Her’s came back on after approximately 2-minutes. On another occasion, I was at a party with some friends and their son had an electric guitar. I used to play a lot and so did two other adults at the party. We were taking turns with it and it was my turn to play. When I held the guitar, it started picking up music from a local radio station. I know from past experience that this occurs when the inner electronics aren’t properly shielded, but the odd thing was that it only occurred when I held the guitar. We tried passing it around and nobody else could get it to happen, but as soon as I held it, presto! – We had live radio.

Recently in November 2010, I went to the science museum with my son and his class where they had one of those static electricity generators that can make your hair stand up (Van De Graaff Generator).  Everyone was taking turns having a fun contest trying to see who could make the largest sparks come out of their fingers.  The largest spark generated by any of the kids, teachers or chaperones was about 4 or 5 inches. When it was my turn, I was consistently getting sparks 15 inches long with a few as long as 20-inches. Nobody else could do this, except me. However if I touched the person, it instantly increased their ability to get longer and brighter sparks.

Weather Control

I don’t have any experience per say with weather control, but many can attest to seeing the Pueblo Zuni’s (Indian rain dance) in New Mexico consistently produce rain. The closest thing I can provide was something that occurred while vacationing up north at Lake Superior with my family in 2007. We all like playing in the big lake on wavy days where you can body surf and swim with waves that can get 7 to 8 feet high at the sand bars. The lake was flat as ice and the weather forecast wasn’t predicting any changes for the next several days. My two sons and I swam out into the lake and they kept saying “I wish we had some waves dad.” I told them, lets do some Qigong inside the lake with the intention of getting some big waves. As we did this, I kept recalling fond memories of myself as a young child swimming in the waves and I was radiating my love for the lake into its waters. Surprisingly, we actually got a set of small waves that started to come towards us, but nothing really significant. The next day, there were steady onshore winds at 55 MPH with gusts hitting 70. The waves were huge, far too big and dangerous to swim in. They even called the freighters off the lake as this was like a November storm but in July. The next 3-days, the waves were perfect. In fact, I almost got myself into a really bad situation as my kids wanted to go out to the 5th sand bar, which is almost a ½ mile off shore. I wasn’t comfortable with them swimming out that far even though we had done so on calmer conditions many times. I decided to check it out and swam under water to avoid the surface waves. When I came up, I found myself much farther out than I had anticipated. I must have swum through some kind of under toe current that propelled me at a much fast rate. I was at least ¾ of a mile out from the shore and was a little freaked out to say the least. I’m a very good swimmer so I just decided to swim as fast as I could toward the shore. When I felt moderately tired, I thought I would take a break and check on my progress, but to my horror, I hadn’t made any. I thought “well Danny you really F’d up this time!” Just making it back to the 4th sand bar alone was a long swim. In my mind I kept hearing that Gordon Lightfoot song about the Edmond Fitzgerald and how Lake Superior never gives up her dead.

I then felt a great sense of peace overcome me and was no longer worried regardless of the outcome. I mentally told the lake again how much I loved it and thanked it for the waves and asked it to help me ashore. I just floated on my back holding myself even against the outgoing current and body surfed the incoming waves back towards the shore and before I knew it I was safely back at the 4th sand bar with my family.

Superhuman Strength

While I have personally never experienced what I would call superhuman strength, I feel confident that if I needed to summon it, I would have it when needed. Everyone has heard stories of people doing some phenomenal feat of strength to save someone. Whether it’s lifting a car, tractor, steel beam or other Herculean task, the fact remains that it has been done by seemingly lesser folk, such as grandmothers, heart patients, slight built women, etc. all have provided such examples. Iron Body, also called Golden shield or Golden Bell, is a real ability that can be achieved with specific Qigong training. However, it takes time to develop control of the inner layers of protective fascia that make this method possible. Iron Palm training is also real and can be achieved by anyone willing to do the practice.

Spoon Bending

99% of all spoon bending is done by sudden muscular force that rapidly softens the metal. In some cases the spoon or fork has already been weakened prior to the trick. However, I do know of at least one Qigong Master who can cause metal to bend simply by looking at it without ever touching it. I myself cannot do this nor can any of his students, but it is something that I have personally witnessed and it is very impressive. Its one of those things that makes you believe that the mind, body and spirit are truly capable of mystifying feats. My only personal experience with metal bending occurred once and only once, when I was making my son a steak sandwich with leftovers. I was holding the fork and knife and started talking with my son and all of a sudden he said “hey dad look at the fork it’s melting.” I looked at it and sure enough it was drooping down like a wet noodle. I slid my fingers up the metal to straighten it out and it firmed right into place as if it never happened. My wife also witnessed it, but to this day, I’m not sure what happened. I certainly cannot do it when I try and believe me I have tried.


Psychometry is the ability to perceive energies (also called vibrations or impressions) from a physical object. I don’t have any personal experience with this, but one of my teachers was pretty adept at this, so I would place it within the plausible side. The trouble is that often the object has been handled by many individuals so the impressions are rarely pure. Far too often, you get mixed impressions unless it was a highly personal item. Occasionally, I will get information from a person’s photograph, but it’s not something I attempt to do. When it happens, it occurs of its own accord without effort.


This is another technique that for the most part is likely fake. In most cases, you can see flash powder ignite prior to the fire or some other chemical reaction that slowly causes the material to smolder prior to flames materializing. There was a Qigong master who had a name that was pronounced something like Master Chi that attended the 1997 world Qigong conference in San Francisco that could ignite paper by simply looking at it. He claimed that he had the ability as a child and first discovered the ability while reading a Buddhist scripture, which suddenly caught fire while he was trying to read it. Again, none of his students could duplicate this ability. Ki Master Katsumi Niikura invited him as a guest teacher to one of his Ki Camps in Sterling Heights Michigan. After Master Chi’s Qigong routine and pyrokenisis demonstration, many figured that there was some sort of trick involved, but he continued to display this ability later on in the evening by igniting the menus at the Japanese/Korean restaurant next door. I can make my body temperature either hot or cold and can even get my hands hot enough to blister with a combination of friction and chi projection, but nothing close to starting fires. I’ll stick to matches and lighters for this one. gTummo and thermogenesis are certainly achievable abilities, which have also been verified by scientific studies. Other Autogenic abilites such as slowing the heart rate or manipulating metabolic rates are also real and achievable and have been tested or duplicated scientifically. Bruce Frantzis used to demonstrate the ability to individually move each vertebra in his spine, which was the result of practicing spinal Qigong to rehabilitate his spine after a severe car accident.

Remote Viewing & Sky Eye

Remote Viewing & Sky Eye, or distant seeing, are also real abilities, but not something I’m particularly consistent at yet. I have had many successes and know friends and teachers who are very good at it and have convinced me beyond a reasonable doubt that these things are achievable. I have also had much success on my own as a result of specific third eye training that I’m encouraged to continue this unique path of inner visual training. I have talked with some teachers on the phone and picked up an object (some of which I even made myself) and they could describe it in specific detail even though they were 1000’s of miles away from just an impromptu question regarding it. Other friends and teachers are very clairvoyant and can see energy and spirit guides with ease. Master Zhang Jing Fa was very good at this and so is my friend Tao Semko.


This is also a real ability that anyone can develop with practice. I typically use it as more of a type of kinesthetic type of method similar to muscle testing. For example, lets say I’m trying to pick out a vitamin, tonic or herbal formula for some specific reason. I could go through and muscle test each one to see which is the best for my body or specified reason for purchasing it. Instead, I will project my chi while stating the intention as a matter of truth such as: “This vitamin brand is the best for me” Invariably, the energy will literally pull my extended fingers right to a specific brand. I have also used it to find compass directions by saying, “This is east” while projecting energy and I will get pulled or turned around until I’m facing east. Last year (2009) we were invited to my nieces high school graduation party and she lost her parents car keys out in the extra lot. They live on 10 acres and she couldn’t find the keys anywhere and had already looked for over an hour before we arrived. I told her that I would help and used the same technique already described, simply saying in my mind “your keys are here”. I said this over an acre away from the location and yet I was taken directly to the keys. We found them immediately.

I also had a client come in for a healing treatment one morning. Later in the evening when I was getting ready to teach my class, she unexpectedly returned so I went out to see what she wanted. She told me that she lost a bank envelope with $500 cash inside and that she needed it to make a payment to her landlord. I again did the same technique and told her that her money was in her car. She said that she already looked there several times and was certain that it wasn’t there. She looked around the building and then the parking lot for an hour or so and then went home. She came back the next day to tell me I was right and that the envelope got wedged inside the seat cushion. Dowsing can also be used somewhat like a diagnostic skill to find problem areas within a person’s body that may need healing or medical attention. Whereas energetic scanning senses differences in the person’s energy field or aura such as: heat, cold, tingling, bulges or troughs to name a few, dowsing will just pull you to the specific area that is troubled.


All levitation witnessed to date is nothing more than a trick performed by illusionists. I can make myself either heavier or lighter at will, which can be verified by people who try to lift me during this type of demonstration, but I have never seen anyone perform legitimate levitation of themselves or any object. I’m familiar with the yogic training that is supposed to manifest this ability, but have never done it nor seen anyone that could. The ability is called Vayusthambam and is allegedly achieved by a specific type of isolation/meditative training surrounded by white walls or white silk bed sheets while staring at a specific object that is later destroyed when the result of the exercise is obtained. It also requires a specific diet and strict sexual abstinence until success is achieved. The literature says nobody has ever achieved it in less than 6-months and most adepts take years to succeed. Not something easily pursed for a married man with two sons. Many teachers will claim this ability (along with many other powers) and represent it as a level of high spiritual attainment, but as I have already said, none of these “carrot danglers” or self proclaimed Gurus have ever demonstrated that they have achieved any level of success themselves. Rudi (Swami Rudrananda) always said don’t let anyone lay trips on you, not even God. He always encouraged all his students towards liberation and self-discovery. http://www.maniacworld.com/secret-of-levitation.html


In the book: Qi Gong for Health & Longevity: The Ancient Chinese Art of Relaxation, Meditation, Physical Fitness by Simon Wang, inventor of the Qigong Machine (a.k.a. Qigong Massager or Si Wang Machine). He discusses a Qigong master who had the ability to teleport objects from one room to another. I have no opinion as to the credibility of the “eye witness” account, but decided to include it as unlikely but maybe plausible as the author has nothing to gain from reporting this particular information.

Energy Healing

This is another ability that is most certainly real. I have helped several people with cancer, kidney failure, MS, physical injury and more. However, the rapid ability to self heal is truly remarkable. In 2006, I went up to my best friends chalet to help him open it up for the summer. He was up on a ladder and dropped his hammer and yelled for me to “look out!” just in time for me to look up and get hit directly in the forehead above my right eye. It swelled up like a ½ golf ball protruding out my skull. He said he was sorry and laughed at the notion that my wife was going to be pissed at him when I got home since I looked like “John Merrick—The Elephant Man” with this giant lump on my head. Anyways, I bet him $100 that I could heal it before he finished doing all his work. While he worked, I continuously pulled chi from the forest and circulated energy localized to the point of injury. In about 30-minutes, the bump was down to the size of a pea and by the end of an hour it was gone entirely. My skull still hurt a bit for about 2-days as if the bone were bruised, but visually you could not tell that I was ever injured. I have healed other personal injuries of a similar nature and overcome viral colds or flu in rapid time. I find it much easier to self heal if I work on the problem immediately without any hesitation. The longer the amount of time it has to become accepted by the mind the more difficult it is to heal. However, if you treat it ASAP, the results can be truly miraculous. I never collected the $100 either, but a year later he asked me to help his wife with an autoimmune disease that was affecting her circulation.


Since the publishing of Magus of Java along with all of the Dynamo Jack and/or “John Chang” videos that have hit Youtube, many have had interest in the ability to project electric shocks or similar sensations with their chi-energy. I’m not 100% certain how John Chang accomplishes this, but I have read both of Kosta Danaos’s books (Magus of Java and Nei Kung), which outline the initial trainings of the Mo Pai Nei Kung system and much of it is very similar to basic Zhang Zhuang, Tenaga Delam Breathing methods and Kundalini yoga exercises. I do know that other masters have chi that produces an electrical shock sensation. Guru Pak Muhammad is one such person and claims his ability comes from periodic fasting, prayer (zikr) and breath retention exercises. He also regularly uses wall electricity that he runs through his body in various healing treatments, which to me seems crazy as standard wall current in Europe is 220-volts. Master Katsumi Niikura Sensei can project his energy out to cause involuntary muscular contractions, like one of those electric muscle stimulator machines (EMS). Many of my own clients have reported strong electrical shocks and internal currents of energy surging through them during healing sessions, but my energy seems more adaptive and reacts differently depending on what the client needs.

Medical Empathic & Medical Intuitive

A medical empathic can feel what’s going on medically in your body because they sympathetically feel your symptoms within their own body. I know a female massage therapist in Ohio who is extremely sensitive and medically empathic. She also occasionally does automatic writing, which at times is very astounding and other times just random nonsense. Whereas a medical intuitive just seems to be guided to your trouble areas by a sensation that is much more “impulsive” without necessarily knowing the reason why. They just follow their “gut” feelings and any thoughts that come along with the impulse.

Personally, I have always followed the biblical advice “Prove all things to yourself and hold onto only that, which is good” In any case, I have shared my personal experiences with you regarding so called paranormal (Parallel to normal) events and leave it to you to decide or prove to yourself what is real, plausible or fake. In the end, this is your journey as a unique individual not mine and thus your experiences will likely be entirely different and relevant to your growth and development. I don’t want a cult like following; I don’t want nor need your praise or worship. I will treat you with a high level of respect and courtesy and expect the same in return. I don’t require to be your one and only teacher and its never my way or the highway. Also understand that so-called mystical abilities are in no way a measure of spiritual success or failure. There are many accomplished masters who exhibit no extraordinary talents whatsoever. If the ability doesn’t make you feel closer to the Divine, its probably detouring you by inflating you ego into feeling superior to others, which is most certainly an attitude to be avoided at all cost. The pursuit of the paranormal can often become of form of spiritual materialism, where one never finds happiness as they are perpetually trying to achieve powers. It is a lot like the person who believes things like: “I will be happy when I get this new car” or “I’ll be happy when I can purchase this dress” only to find that the happiness was empty and very short lived. As Develop Your Energy moves forward, you will notice our focus on Spiritual Growth, Enlightenment and Health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We have made the mistake of imitating other similar businesses and as a result have been pulled off course from the real purpose of our practices. We only wish to bring people health, happiness and spiritual fulfillment and everything else is just a byproduct of the exercises and the uniqueness of the individual practicing the methods.

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  1. Daniel August 26, 2011 at 9:47 pm #

    Thank you for this fascinating post Sifu. Subtle energy manifests itself in infinite forms.

  2. Jason Wingate September 28, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    Great post. Level heads on this are hard to find, it’s good that you can see the wood for the woo.

    There’s more solid/repeatable evidence on much of this than many realise — the ‘skeptics’ who have it all prejudged tend to mask that fact. Check out eight pages of serious peer-reviewed science papers here.

    Some psi wheelers control for static with bits of polystyrene.


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