New Course – Ma-Qigong Training

We have added a new course to our catalogue – Ma-Qigong Training. Like all our course descriptions there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from the text and pictures. Read Sifu Dan Ferrera’s course background and find out the subtleties of transmitting energy into objects while cultivating your own energy. And for $25, which is an unbelievably low price you can find out how to effectively use this training.

Best of luck in your endeavors.

From the course description

Ma-Qigong is a circular style of Qigong training that utilizes a specially designed wooden stick for cultivation exercise and also physical stimulation of the Yu meridian channel and feet. The stick can be later used as a healing tool, manifesting tool or power item. The Ma-Stick will actually accumulate energy over time with consistent practice and use. Many Taoist masters would often walk with wooden canes even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with their legs. The reason was that the cane was both a weapon as well as a power item that they energized with life force or chi. The sticks we use in our training were invented in the early 1970’s by a Chinese acupuncturist who practiced Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi. This master defected from China and moved to Sussex England where he invented the Ma Roller. The name “Ma” represents the universal sounds of savoring “Mmmmm” and relaxing “Ahhhh.” The original Ma’s came inside a tube with Chinese characters decorating the outside. The Sticks were wrapped in silk and had a charred brand “Ma roller” burnt into the bottom end of the stick.

The cultivation exercises within this unique manual are a blend of Qigong techniques that were obtained from Ki Master Katsumi Niikura, Master Wong Kit Kiew as well as some of Sifu Ferrera’s own innovations. The use of sticks or wooden objects in Qigong (Chi Kung) have a long and rich history. From Tai Chi Rulers, to Bang Sticks, wands, canes, staffs and other items of power, the utilization of wood to store excess chi goes back thousands of years. Now, you too can benefit from this ancient practice as well. Once energized, you can use your stick in a variety of unique ways.

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