Open Your Third Eye Testimonial

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Third Eye ActivationThe 3rd eye program is amazing! I had my first lucid dream this morning and I wrote about it in my journal:

“Yo i just had my first full blown lucid dream…I’ve had dreams in the past that were vivid but I was still dreaming. This time I was in a scene on my porch and said to myself “wait a second, I’m dreaming” then I started to gain more awareness..I looked up my block and around the dream scenery and started chanting prayer to see what would happen since I read about people meditating in lucid dreams and having great experiences with it…shortly after I started hearing all sorts of random conversations and I’m thinking “wtf” so at this point, I wanted to wake up and f the dream…i pictured my house in the “real world” and going back to that and i could feel myself being pulled back towards normal consciousness..i woke up and escape for a sec (which I’m thinking now that it might have been a false sense of awakening) then I slipped back into 2 other dreams..I wanna do that again but this time not get freaked out so quickly lol..I felt i could have stayed way longer…it was a great learning experience first full blown lucid dream :)” just letting you know great job!

I’ve bought a couple of the programs off of Developyourenergy and I think that its great that finally real methods are being put out there for the public at an affordable price. Ive only experienced good things practicing the methods on this website. The most recent one Ive begun to practice is the program to Awaken the Ajna chakra and just on the second day I had a lucid dream, my first ever. The Mizong Spinal Breathing from Ultra Mizong Taoist Yoga was a big help in clearing many blockages in my spine and the rest of body. Just know the the programs really do what the description says they do. Aside from the programs on the site Ive been corresponding back and forth with Sifu Dan through email and he has been very kind and generous replying back to every email sent and making sure that I understand the practice. Sifu Dan has even sent more material for free aside from the products that Ive bought from the site. To people contemplating on buying any of the products on the website I will say as long as you practice and follow the instructions you should start having the spiritual experiences that you’ve dreamed of and then some in no time.

You can purchase this course here.

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