Major Updates & Comprehensive Zhang Zhuang Chi Kung

The new website is starting to take shape. Stay tuned for more updates and functionality. All content on the old site is now available again. Thanks for all your patience in the transition. We welcome any feedback you may have, our hope is the site is more user friendly.

We have a MAJOR update to our Zhang Zhuang Chi Kung section. This area contains comprehensive information prepared by Sifu Dan Ferrera on this exercise where one “stands like a tree”. It is a very powerful and ancient form and one that is not too difficult to begin.

Check it out.

To help out our audience we have also posted a 10 day course by Lam Kam Chuen which is available on youtube by StandStillBeFit.

Get grounded.

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  1. Chris December 17, 2010 at 10:30 pm #

    I did this in my martial arts class!!!

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