Shaolin Qigong Testimonial

Greetings! I’m writing this to share my experience with what I’ve learned. In 4 weeks practicing the Shaolin QiGong, I’ve had my joint pain and stiffness disappear, slept better, improved digestion and felt my waking energy raise considerably.

I also have written music, answered technical questions and had more intuition at the drop of a hat than I can recall. My creativity is high, my mood is positive and my body feels good! I never had a wish for superpowers but I feel more “internal awareness”…which leads to all kinds of great things. I don’t know if it’s related, but my wife and I are getting along and communicating like a team now.

Either way, Sifu Ferrera has taken time to answer my questions, not to mention the rare, and REAL techniques were delivered in a NO BS fashion. I feel like a real student of a real teacher and have nothing but admiration for the people behind this site. Be well and practice diligently!


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  1. Justin Bradfirld November 17, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    I cannot thank you enough Sifu Dan…you are truly an amazing person..I thank you for all the help that you have provided me so far and sincerely appreciate your knowledge and generosity…I have already begun making practical use of this information that you have given me and I already can feel its POWER…I can go on and on all day long thanking you and that still wouldn’t be enough! All I can say is that I appreciate what you have given me and I will continue to act on this knowledge.

    peace and blessings



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