New Course – Ultra Mi Zong Taoist Yoga

Sifu Dan Ferrera has just given us a new course for digital download.

Our Ultra Mizong Taoist Yoga course is a unique energy cultivation practice for accumulating, refining and circulating bio-energy for the purpose of health, inner peace and enlightenment. This course is easy to practice and can be completed in 4-months. We use 3 special binaural audio files to help you meditate as deeply as a high level monk while providing you very specific internal exercises to perform during the meditation. This course combines a short daily physical practice as well to prevent and/or remove any energetic imbalances or blockages that may impede your spiritual ascension. It is also highly recommended that you take advantage of our Free Reiki attunements, especially Kundalini Reiki as it will speed up the process and provide additional safe guards as well.

Click here to read more and download.

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2 Responses to New Course – Ultra Mi Zong Taoist Yoga

  1. Cuz January 16, 2011 at 6:41 pm #


    I saw a video of some lady using chi to push over people. Now no disrespect to you I have also seen videos on youtube of people who claim to knock out people using chi. Then they were found to be fake.

    Can you show us some kind of emphirical evidence that what you do is actually real ?



    • admin January 17, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

      Empirical evidence is evidence from observations. Scientific evidence is considered empirical when it can be observed by many people and all will agree as to what they observed. I have many students who have either experienced me moving them with chi or witnessed me moving someone else with chi in my publicly available classes here in Livonia Michigan. Many times, I will do this to completely new students who are totally unfamiliar with Qigong. I know that your are referring to George Dillman’s no-touch knock out, which I too agree is fake. But empty force is real and can be developed and demonstrated. Thus, chi energy is also real. The web developer has only been doing Qigong for a few months and he will attest to its validity.

      You can always just try our Qigong 101 course and our Free Zhang Zhuang training to prove this to yourself with 100% money back guarantee, so there is no risk on your end whatsoever.

      Good Questions, I was once a skeptic myself. With Blessings,

      Sifu Dan Ferrera

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