Chi Power Clothes

by Sifu Dan Ferrera

In this short information piece, I’m going to discuss the significance of your Qigong workout clothes and suggest ways that you can use them to enhance your training or help family members who are not feeling well. You see, when you do real Qigong workouts, there is always a surplus build up of energy that your body just cannot store, which begins to radiate outwards. Its like continuously pouring water into a glass that is already full. The result is that there is an overflow or surplus. A similar thing occurs when you do our synergistic Qigong workouts. Overtime, your body can store greater and greater amounts of energy, but there is always a surplus, which expands and radiates from your body. When you limit your wardrobe or clothing to just a few outfits, the fabrics begin to accumulate this surplus energy and thus become energetically charged with your chi. This is especially true for natural fabrics such as 100% cotton, wool or felt. When you continuously use the same outfits in your training they build up a powerful charge and actually begin to enhance your workouts over time. If someone gets sick or injured in your family, you can allow him or her to wear your clothes to give them a chi boost to help them recover. I have done this many times and it works extremely well.

To take proper care of your clothes, you should treat them with respect as your own personal “sacred garments.” When you train, I would also keep a few gallons of water in front of you that you can easily refill once the water has been used. By keeping the water in front of you while you train, you will also energetically charge the water with chi by simply having the intent for it to charge up as you workout. This water will be used to wash your chi clothing. Purchase a all-natural ingredient soap such as: Dr. Bronners Organic Liquid soap (Lavender and Eucalyptus are great). You can also energetically charge the soap in this manner as well.

Get 2 large buckets or something that you can use as a washtub for your chi clothes. Fill both ½ way with warm tap water and then add about 1-cup of your charged water to the tub. Soak your clothes in one of the tubs and then add about 2 tablespoons of Organic Liquid soap. Wash the clothes by hand in the first tub, squeeze and ring out the soap and then rinse them in the 2nd bucket or tub and allow them to air dry or place them in a dryer but not with other laundry. When the clothes are not being used, you should always wrap them in silk to seal in the energy. Silk can be purchased at a fabric store for this purpose. If you don’t feel like going through this process, your chi clothes will still get charged up, but they will never be as strong as clothes treated as sacred garments. This practice is well worth the effort and is something I recommend to all chi practitioners.
Qigong training is truly a complete system of mind, body and spirit exercise. When you treat your training room and workout clothes as sacred, you honor your body and the spirit, which resides within it. This simple practice teaches you to be humble and to love, respect and honor the spiritual life force that sustains you each and every day.

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